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Here are some brief hightlights of the informational services that you'll find online.  This is provided as a public service announcement.

California Budget 

This little diddy, if passed, could mean you'll pay more tax on items that you purchase over the internet.  This is very dangerous. 


Everyone needs to learn the truth about these injections that they want to give you. 

Fluoride and Mercury 

The dumbing down of society. 

No Forced Shots At Work 

Sorry, but we would never put anything in our body that we did not know about, in detail, and without adequate research. 

Bailout Bull

Discover some interesting facts about the Federal Reserve Bank, Nader's take on the Bailout and Norm Chomsky explanation on how "the People" are not involved in any of the process with the Bailout. 

Items to Watch Out for

This is more or less an alert list of drugs that you should be aware of that have adverse affects on humans.  Some of the items you'll watch actually expose the truth about how the drug companies are lying to us.


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Command Control  commandcontrol.us Database Software for your desktop. 

May 1, 2013

Version 1.3 

Introductory Algebra  algebramath.net  Wayne Strnad's book on Introductory Algebra May 6, 2013 
My Learner Center  mylearnercenter.com Various instructional materials.  May 6, 2013 
How to Write a Petition  howtowriteapetition.net Getting money for your community.  Dec 25, 2013 


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