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There are several tutorials online that show you how to do specific things with the Ewisoft Website Builder.  Here is the link for the software:  The fastest, easiest way to create a website.

The Ewisoft Website Builder

Speed.  This is perhaps one of the simplest website builder tools you'll ever find.  You'll be able to get a simple website up and running in the matter of about 30 minutes.  Multipage website are done very rapidly also when compared to other software.

Price is important to.  You could spend a little under $500 for high-end website builders or even slightly under $2000 for a suite, counting tax.  Ewisoft Website Builder costs under $100 and that includes ecommerce functioning.  The more expense software does not include ecommerce functioning.

Built in templates.  When you purchase this software you get a FREE premium template that you choose from over 100 templates.  Plus you get an additional 16 templates that adds to the variety and choice.  When you design your website you pick your template.  Then you work inside that template to build your pages.

Complex website are not a problem for Ewisoft Website Builder either.  Due to the nature of how your website is build - root on downwards - it is really simple to add pages at the topmost level and then add additional pages beneith.  You can have as many levels as you desire, each linked.

Example:  The figure to the left shows a simple business website.  In fact, it is the website you are now viewing, in its fundamental stages.  The root for the website is labeled Home.  Everything you create is going to be under Home.  So, News, Products and so forth are under home.

Notice that you can have other pages under these "Topmost" pages.  For instance, you can see that Products has several pages that are under it, such as Trim the Fat from You..., Product 2, Product 3, MicroNicheFinder, and so forth.  You are not limited in any way regarding the number of pages you can create.

Also, pages can have pages that can have other pages.  Read that carefully because it is very important.

Now look at the page labeled Software.  You notice that Software has a page beneigth it called Software Index.  Software Index also has pages under it labeled Ewisoft Website Bu..., Second Recommend....  Part of the page name is not shown in the picture.

You might want to ask how many pages can have subpages and how many subpages down can you create pages?  The answer is an unlimited number of subpages.

What does all this boil down to?

Using Ewisoft Website Builder you can:

  • Create any number of pages,
  • Create any number of subpages,
  • Link Pages easily,
  • Create index pages (such as the Software page mentioned above) to other subpages,
  • Spend less time thinking about structure and more time with your copy that sells your products or services,
  • Create pages that provide full product or service description to help sell the items,
  • and the list goes on.

Go to test page for movie

I like this product so much that I became affiliated with the company.  Don't forget, you can download the product immediately and try it for 30 days.  How's that for a guarantee?


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