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How to Get Services for Your Community or business - by Wayne Strnad

Sample Petitions - Any citizen of the United States has the right to petition government.

Since many people do not know about the process, Wayne Strnad has prepared a few samples that you can download to your system and use.  Of course, you'll need to change some of the information so that it deals with your specifics for the community or business but at least you have some idea on the format of the document.

Just in case you think it's not worth circulating a petition, here are some photos that show the end results of a petition Wayne Strnad and a couple community residents circulated.  This community was underserved and taxed for 92 years before the thing turned around.  You can read a little more about the Marmora Project, as Wayne Strnad calls it, by clicking on this link.

New catch basins waiting to be installed   New catch basins for west side of street  
New catch basins keep coming   Wayne Strnad community service car  
Street being cleared for repaving   Trucks used to put new gravel.  
Edging for concrete - new sidewalks   Sidewalk completed  

The following documents are petitions for services.  They can be used as a sample to get you started.

If an alderman or other politican tells you that he/she has his/her own form then tell them that's nice but by law, this form is just as good and valid as their form.  So, use it!

The following documents are pdf files and as such require a pdf reader.  If you like to download them to your system then right click on the link and then select "Save Link As..."




Alley and Hump

Sidewalk and Streets

Stop Signs


Business and Home Services

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