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More and more people are turning to find information that deals with their health and well being for themself and their community.  People are learning about genetically altered food, water that is contaminated with fluoride, and a host of other things that are business related in the sense that they realize big business is not necessarily looking out for human concerns, but more for their bottom line.

One of the things all of us need to be concerned about is clean water that is pure.  That means that the water we drink should not contain any toxins.  Believe it or not, fluoride is a toxin and drinking it can lead to many medical complications later in life.  For the most part, water fluoridation began in the 1950's and has continued ever since.  This link contains a video that addresses fluoride in our water and this link talks about fluoride and mercury.



Here is an interesting video about the bottle water you may drink.


Do not be afraid to contact your senators and congressmen and tell them what you think.  In theory, they are your representatives and for them to vote on specific legislation that reflects your viewpoint, they need to know and understand something about your views.

I have provided a sample letter that you can use to write to your senators.  Note:  every state has two senators.  If you need to find out who your senators are, click on this link.  You might also like to write your congressman.  Find out who your congressman is by clicking on this link.

Wayne Strnad wrote a letter that you can download and use as a basis for your own letter.  It was sent to Senator Durbin.  Another letter was sent to Senator Burris.  Here is the letter.  Right click to save to your system.

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