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Wayne Strnad - Alternative Health Care for Business consideration and the community at large

As information is more and more attainable, people are beginning to ask more questions of the "traditional" medical industry that were never even thought of being asked 30 years ago.  Before, the doctor would just tell you what you should be - take this pill or that pill - and expect you to follow the advice to the letter, without question.  Fortunately, things are different today and people are seeking answers for questions that doctors are not usually prepared to answer.  Many doctors still have the arrogance about them that you should not question their words.  Wayne Strnad does not like this approach to business or, more generally, for any community in our country.

Remember one thing, it's your body and it's the only one you have whether they screw it up or not.  Always ask questions and do the research about what they say you should do and especially the drugs you should take.  Many of these so called doctors who work in the medical industry are considered by many as mere legalized pill pushers.

However, thanks to some of these quacks being exposed, people are seeking alternative health care solutions.

I, being trained in mathematics and physics, always learned to question everything.  It became part of the scientific process to question things and then hopefully come up with answers.  Maybe someone can explain why a doctor working on the west coast found that a natural substance can help victums of cancer yet, after years of trying to get the natural substance recognized, was virtually shut down by the FDA. 

(For those that might not know, the current head of the FDA is a guy that was the lawyer for Monsanto - the genetically altered seed people - who do not even need to go through any process via the FDA to get their gmo stuff patented.  Currently they own over 11,000 patents, many of which are the very foods we eat.)  You might like to visit this link for further information on GMO products.

Due to many personal beliefs, I have searched for a company that deals with alternative health care and come up with this:

HCBL High Quality Low Cost Supplements  

I like their approach and have become one of their affiliates.

To Your Health and Well Being.

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