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No Forced Shots At Work

There are many questions that arise regarding the workplace and one of them is being forced to have a shot because the employers says (s)/he must do so.  Sorry, but somewhere along the way the privacy issues that many fought for for the last 50 years seemed to have gone astray with the new powers of government - all under the guise of security.

It seems that Homeland Security can do anything they please, including putting people in jail for no reason other than some alleged or contrived reason they make up.  This can be used against people, the citizens of the United States of America, to incarserate them at will.  The question becomes who's will will be done?

Can some political elected official "suggest" to Homeland Security that Mr. SoAndSo threatened him or her?  It may not even be based in fact but heresay.  This is one heck of a way to get ride of your political competition without doing anything but involving "Security."

One aspect of Security is your own Security!  Do you really need someone out there from the government watching out for you - or, is it better said, watching you?  Your own security starts at home in your own person.  You do not need any invasive material injected into your body just because someone working for the government says you need it for your own protection.  Wise up people!

You don't need all the shots that they want to inject into you from birth.  I know because I am living proof of it.  In my entire life I had three shots and feel quite good.  I used to get a cold every now and then but since I started to eat healthier and detox many of the toxins in my body, I can say that without a shadow of a doubt, I will live another 20 years.  Note, according to the medical profession I was suppose to be dead already.  That was more than 35 years ago!  So, don't fall for all the studies that they want to throw at you as concrete proof.

Forced Shots Should Not Be Job Requirement

Resurrection Health Care Here in Chicago when this administration tried its best to scare people into getting a flu shot and even one hospital (Loyola University Medical Center) was making it mandatory for its employees to get a shot, Wayne Strnad tried to snip such violations of laborers rights in the bud.  He set up a protest at Resurrection Health Care.  "Why Resurrection?" you might ask.  Well, it is one of the biggest hospitals in all of Chicago - it's like the McDonald's of health care only not cheap by any means!

At first, the people were sort of taken aback because they haven't seen a picket in front of their building in quite a long time.  However, they surcomed their fear and even started to talk to Wayne.

When they were told what was going on at Loyola, they couldn't get over it.  Many had said that if they try that here, they were'nt going to comply. 

It seems that nobody knew what was in the shot that the employees were forced to take at Loyola.  This concerned them greatly!

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No Forced Shots At Work



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