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Community and business Cures for Cancer that the FDA does not want you to know about

but Wayne Strnad does, whether for the community or your business health care plan.

This is part of a series of videos that you can watch and discover how many important findings become surpress by a tool of the medical industry and big pharma, called the FDA.  In theory, the FDA was established to protect the health and well being of all the people in every community.  Wayne Strnad says this is nice in theory, but not really applied to its fullest protection status that one might expect.  Maybe I shot in arrow into their core beliefs, but if you look at this from an outside perspective which is purely academic, it does bear the question as to why the FDA will not test anything that is related to natural cures - be careful here because that depends on how one defines the term cure - and yet allow drugs on the market whose side effects appear to be more devastating than the original problem that the drug was made to address.  TV is loaded with such nonsense.  The FDA works in conjunction with big phara business.



Now you might think that the FDA tells the truth, right?  After all, it is suppose to work for the people because it's paid for through our tax dollars.  Well, watch this gem and see some of the stuff that they simply do not want you to know about.  Shame on you FDA!



Now if we only had a Congress that could not be brought off, excuse me, would not accept political contributions with strings attached to some legislation, then "We the People" may have a chance. 

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