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For those of you that have been visiting our website over the years, you know from first hand experience that this site has gone through several redesign phases.  This is common for any site which is as complex as waynestrnad.info.

We have now attempted to put as much information into a database format that shall offer the user more advanced search techniques for information that you can use for your research or keeping up with organization(s) activities that address social concerns.

Currently there are a few databases that address specific concerns:

1.  Health database

Information relating to ones Health is found in this database.

This is a constantly changing database that periodically gets updated when new information is forwarded to us.

You might also find information relating to alternative approaches to big pharma drugs.

2.  Herb Database

This database lists all the commonly used herbs and what they are intended to treat.

We make no claims about the validity of the information presented and present information only for the sake of intellectual curiosity and development.

The fact of the matter is that big pharma produces anywhere from 30% to 40% of their drugs based on plants.  Patents are issued for their drugs because they theoretically alter the plants organic structure found in nature.  Thus, they can apply for and get a patent on the newly formed plant.

We do not endorse any alterations of that which appears in nature

Furthermore, we condemn the lack of activity of the FDA in protecting the health of every American by not looking at potential "cures" that are natural.  A few cases in point:

a).  Breast Cancer can be reduced - studies found in Italy using simple Bicarbonate Soda,

b).  University professor in Canada discovers combination of certain herbs to promote healing of Cancer,

c).  B17 addresses certain types of Cancers yet is outlawed in America,

The list can go on, yet the fact of the matter is the FDA either refuses to do anything to investigate or will go after and prosecute people who take something like apricot seeds.  Yes, you read that right.

3.  Dietary database

4.  News You Can Use

This is the General Database that is used for placing organizational information regarding events that you might like to attend.

Much of what Wayne receives and publishes will be found in this database.  You might find information relating to other databases that will be released later this year or specific information relating to your Health.


5.  Voter Fraud

It is sad but true that voter fraud runs rampent.  Here you can find the analysis of one election that was gone over with a fine tooth comb that shows how an election was stolen.

The Cook County States Attorney sat on his perverbial butt and did nothing about it even through he had full documentation that entailed about 5000 pages of information.

The information related items that appeared on the absentee ballot application.  A typical example of what was submitted showed that people could not vote on the day of the election because they were going to have a heart attack.  Who's crystal ball they were using was never discovered.  It was a joke at best.


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News from various sources that deal with your health, environment and issues that affect all of us.

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