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Wayne Strnad's Privacy Information for Business and Community

As you can see from looking over many of the pages that compose this website, privacy is of great concern to us because of the nature of what we not only do but further publish.

How to Contact Us

When you fill out a Feedback form, your information is sent directly to us.  Nobody sees this information nor does it appear on any website or portion thereof.  In other words, nobody finds out that we received something from you!

If you want to report some corruption that you think our viewers might want to know about, then send the information via the Feedback form.  We do ask for a legit email and name simply for reference purposes and in the event we might need to get back to you for detailed information.

We do not collect any information from you while you visit this site.  waynestrnad.info does not place cookies on your system or anything else for that matter.  You are a welcomed guess who is the same as every other welcome guest who enters our website home.

Purchasing Something.  If you do purchase something then the payment processor - PayPal - collects some information that's used during the processing of the purchase.  This information is not retained by us.

You can open your own PayPal account for FREE.  Any information you provide to PayPal remains with PayPal.  waynestrnad.info does not share any information with PayPal.  PayPal acts as a processing agent and maintains their own set of rules for their users. 

Wayne Strnad is a verified business with PayPal.  Even if you do not have a PayPal account you can use one of your credit cards to make your purchase.

The Forum - To view any information contained in the forum you DO NOT need to be a member, however,  if you want to post information then membership is required.  The only type of information that is required for membership is a login name, which can be any name you like, a password, and some other pieces of information that are clearly defined in the registration process.  Although only two pieces of information uniquely identify you within the forum, the login and password, we do require you to use a valid email and first and last name.

General Recommendation -  Many people do not know that when you purchase something or visit your bank via an on-line connection, when you complete whatever it is you need to do, you should close your browser down and start another instance of the program. 

Technically, many websites you visit will install a cookie or other identifying text that identifies you or more specifically, the ipaddress you are using, the type of browser you are using, and other types of information that might be saved to your hard disk.

WE REFUSE TO DO THAT BECAUSE WE THINK IT IS AN UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICE TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING TO ANYONE ELSE'S COMPUTER WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT!  Yet, nearly every business orientated website does this; banks do it, even the government does it.  Surprised?  Don't be because that is the way things are these days.  However, you can set up your browser to deny the placement of cookies on your system - at least for the most popular browsers anyway.

Second Party Links - Maybe they are called third-party links as a misnomer.  We consider anything that will lead to another website as a simple "second" party link no matter what the general consensus of legal terminology will spew forth.  It is our definition and it may or may not be in line with the legal practitioners view.

On various pages of this website you'll see either a graphic or text type link that when clicked, will transfer you to another website.  Every external website we refer you to has their own policy and practices that we have no input or suggestion(s) in advisement or execution of policy.  waynestrnad.info recommends you look over their policy before purchasing anything.  Also, you might like to view our information on the new FTC Rules.

As a side note, these second party links are placed within our website because waynestrnad.info is an affiliate of the company.  There are millions of companies out there on the web that do not appear and will never appear on waynestrnad.info.  We only deal with high quality products or services.  This may result in a slightly higher charge but in the end, "you really do get what you pay for" as the old expression goes.  Many of the companies we affiliate with do have sales on their products.  We suggest that you come back often and see what the latest sale item(s) is, just in case.

Policy Changes.  In the event there are changes to our policy, we will post the changes on this page. 

As you can easily see, waynestrnad.info is not your typical run-in-the-mill company just looking to make a sale.  waynestrnad.info needs to make money but unlike many others out there on the web, does not put money before knowledge and human concerns.

As Wayne Strnad once put it, "People are first, products are second.  Help the people so we all can get through this together and enjoy that which made America great."

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