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Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy yourself during your visit, no matter how brief it may be.  I encourage you to dig deep and discover the truth, whatever you may think it is, and tell others about it.  It is your right to speak out and voice your opinion.

This web site cannot be read by a human being in one sitting due to the extent and complexity of the material that is presented.  Be sure to bookmark any pages you think can help you.

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I think you will find the material different, enjoyable and in part, shocking to say the least.  I am not afraid to take on issues that involve our constitutional rights, our freedoms, or the outrageous taxation we experience every day of our lives instituted by every level of government.  As you might have imagined, I live in the highest taxed area in the entire country:  Cook County, Chicago, Illinois.


Wayne’s comment at Regulations.gov

I am very concerned about the introduction of 2,4-D, a component in Agent Orange.  As you might be aware, that chemistry was used originally in the Viet Nam conflict. Thousands of our troops have suffered serious problems, including cancer.  I am writing to urge you to not approve Dow's genetically engineered soy designed to survive the toxic herbicide 2,4-D.
Simply put, 2,4-D resistant seeds are a bad idea. Allowing these seeds on the market will dramatically increase use of an antiquated, dangerous herbicide that is associated with cancer, reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption.
Commercial approval of Dow's soy will trigger a large increase in 2,4-D use, yet USDA has failed to conduct a meaningful review of the resulting harm to the crops of nearby farmers, to native ecosystems, or from the evolution of weeds resistant to 2,4-D. 2,4-D is well known to drift, both directly and through volatilization. This will devastate adjacent ecosystems and poses a very real threat to rural economies and farmers growing non-2,4-D-resistant crops. Conventional farmers will lose crops while organic farmers will lose both crops and certification, resulting in an economic unraveling of already-stressed rural communities.
Approval of this patented GM crop will enrich Dow Chemical at the expense of farmers, consumers, and our environment. I urge USDA to deny approval of 2,4-D resistant GM soy, as well as the earlier application for 2,4-D resistant corn.
Wayne Strnad

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