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At waynestrnad.info, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' and community needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us by email so that we can help.

The Strnad Group

Why did you set up a blog that discusses non business type issues?  Isn’t this bad for businesses to do?

Answer:  All of us have a responsibility to our business as well as our community.  The Strnad Group recognizes this as a stepping stone to what good business is about.  Of course any business is set up to make money but as was typically in the days of old, business people would not only help the businesses around them but the community they lived in.  Back then, it was typical to see in many major metropolitan areas, store fronts with a second level - a two flat as they’re called - and the business owner actually lived in the second level.  They lived and worked in the community, attended community meetings, helped set the direction for the community and so forth.  Today, many of those buildings are gone and replaced by little mini malls.

With the advent of the internet, our community expands many times over and as such, the issues that face people on a global level now can be addressed and discussed through blogs.  The Strnad Group and all that participate within, perhaps help others to open their eyes to various things that need addressing.


Medical Issues

You present information pertaining to the medical care of people.  Are you a doctor?

Answer:  No, we are not doctors.  Remember, if you can read and comprehend information then there is no other prerequisite for understanding.  Just because someone has an MD or PhD after their name does not mean that they are an expert in a particular field.  For example, a GP (general practitioner) will not have specialized knowledge in, say, the side affect of radiation on the human body although if they were to look at the results of testing the nuclear bomb back in the 1960’s, they might have second thoughts.  If s(he) did have specialized knowledge then they would never recommend a mammogram for women.  Not only is the procedure painful for women, but radiating such sensitive parts can potentially introduce a cancer growth.

Further, it seems that practitioners of medicine do not keep up with the research on the drugs that they push, especially the side affects.  Nor do they bother to investigate how drugs they prescribe interact with other drugs.  Here is one example that is rather scary that shows how profit is put over human concerns. It also shows how our government just sits by and does nothing, letting the company do as it wishes. Yet, our government will arrest people (farmers) for selling fresh milk.  That’s really amazing, right?

This would require research on their part but they would probably claim they don’t have the time for this research because they have too many patients to take care of.  We think that any excuse for such type of action is totally unacceptable.  Just ask the person who had a reaction to a particular drug that was prescribed and used in conjunction with another prescribed drug.



Why do you address employment issues for city employees?

As you are no doubt aware, employment in the United States of America is far below acceptable levels.  We started working with city employees because we noted that there was a disparity between what occurs in the private sector and city employee rights (the public sector).  The Citizens for Community Action, Inc. was formed as an organization that provided research and the dissemination thereof.  You can find the results in the newsletters that were produced at the Strnad Exchange.

If you have any questions then please send us some feedback


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