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These two young ladies never had such an experience.  They loved it and came back several times over the course of the 400 day picket.
The material you see was confiscated from the voters hand and then placed inside this trunk.  The car was allegedly owned by an attorney working for Isaac “Ike” Carothers.  The attorney, Bruce Adelman, later tried to stop us from advertising facts relating to Carothers election.  Alderman Carothers was later indicted and is is currently serving time in Federal prison.
These young men helped provide some “music” on a couple of occasions.  Mind you, they had no instruments but only their voices.
These young men give a thumbs up to exposing the voter fraud that occurred.

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In His Honor....

Although one does not generally dedicate a picket to anyone, I shall make the exception and dedicated this particular picket to Joe.  Joe accompanied me every day for a couple of months over the summer and stood by my side until he could stand no more.  He died in the autumn of that year.
May he rest in peace.

Only YOU can prevent Fraud and Illegal Activity

First, if you are not registered to vote and want to register  then you can download and/or print the following voter registration  form in English, Polish  or Spanish  (put in alphabetic order).  To download to your computer simply  right-click on the form you want and then click "Save Target As..."  to save it to your computer.

The State of Illinois, State Board of Elections, is the ultimate  agency of authority, as granted by the Constitution of the State of  Illinois.  The State Board of Elections then entrusts the  Chicago Board of Election Commissioners to do, as they would do to  guarantee fair elections, and grants the local board authority as  the duly constituted Board of Elections.  This is defined in  statutes, referred to as the Illinois Compiled Statutes and combined  with the Constitution of the State of Illinois.

Removing the precinct captains and other campaign workers from  the Election Day activities, leaves us with two groups of major  players:  the Judges of Election and the Poll Watchers.   Each of these groups are accountable and must submit forms or  "credentials" to participate in the process.

Since the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, alias the  Board, is in theory responsible or of authority to run the election,  they make available two specific guides for each of the groups mentioned  above.  They are called the Judge of Election Guide (or  something to that effect) and the Poll Watchers Guide.

This web provides the documentation for both those groups.   Simply click on the button above to get to the documentation and  guides. 

We also provide information from the State Board of Elections on  how to prevent Voter Fraud in your community.  Further, we  provide a Candidate Guide, just in case you are thinking of running  for some public office.  We encourage everyone to run for  public office.  Once you do, you'll truly understand how this  system works and, perchance, will discover first hand how corrupt it  is.

The Role of the Voter

In the entire election process the voters are involved in two  distinct ways.  First, someone knocks on the voters door and  asks them to sign a petition (1).  This process is usually referred  to as the circulation process and those that actually circulate the  petition are referred to as circulators.  For a sample listing  of circulators click on this link.

If you would like to see the database that Wayne developed to  catch three Ward Committeemen (2 Democratics - Reboyras and Berrios  and 1 Republican - Foss) whereby a couple of circulators worked for  two candidates, which is a violation of law that the Board of  Elections ignored, then click on this link.

Second, the voter goes to vote.

How does the circulator know you're a  voter?

The first time you register to vote, your name and other  information that appears on Voter Registration form is put into a  database.  Reports can be run on this information for your  specific information or the entire precinct, ward or other political  demarcation.  Please note that a precinct is not the same thing  as a Chicago Police Department beat.  A beat can contain one or  more precincts or parts of precincts and even be a part of two or  more Wards.

The defining of a precinct, Ward, State Representative District,  Senate District and Congressional District are allegedly based on  data that comes from a census that the Federal government does every  decade.  They are suppose to insure that Federal Guidelines are  complied with, although for all intent and purposes, sometimes the  guidelines are based more on political consideration and race.  The 30th Ward of Chicago is a perfect example of  this nonsense at work.  It is the only Ward of Chicago that  looks similar to a horseshoe.

One of the reports that is available to everyone, including you,  is called a poll sheet.  A poll sheet lists every registered  voter that lives in a specific Ward and Precinct of that Ward.   So, for example, if you live in the 30th Ward, 17th Precinct, you  could go to City Hall, Room 104, and request a copy of that poll  sheet.  It's free.  If the Board gives you any hassle then  just let Wayne know.

The Classification of Your Information

By law, your information that the Board maintains is public  information.  Anyone can view it and get a copy.  Of  course, things such as a social security number will not be made  available.

Your voter record is also public information (2)

The Letter that the Board Refuses to  Answer

After an election Wayne usually submits a Freedom of Information  Act request.  (To view the complete Act for the State of  Illinois, click on this link.  Note:   This is a pdf file and as such needs a pdf reader.) The agency, in this case the Board of Election  Commissioners for the City of Chicago,  is supposed to respond in a timely fashion.  That usually means  a couple of weeks.

The letter you are about to read pinpoints several areas where  the Board's own data is corrupt.

The Letter

It should be noted that the Boards attorneys have not responded  as of this writing.  Please pay special attention to the tables  that are included.  In it you will see how, despite the fact  that the number of voter records far exceeded the true count of  voters in the district, they left off nearly 2000 voters that Wayne would  never know about.  This we call a rigged election.  We can  only contend that the attorneys for the Board do not want to explain  anything in hopes that it simply goes away.   They got caught by  Wayne!

Furthermore, if you have access to the last elections Official  Documentation of the Election Results, you will see that they no  longer publish how many total voters appeared in a specific precinct  of a Ward.  We give them credit for trying to cover their XXX  but don't worry we shall expose it again and again.


Some of us truly believe in Democracy, not only as a political  construct but as a realistic vision of what makes things good for a  society.  We deplore the activities of those who want to  undermine the entire process, who either work as individuals out for  their own self-interests, or, who work in conjunction with others to  preserve a corruption based system to satisfy the wants of a select  few.

If you are the type of person who beliefs, as we do, in a  democratic society for all and for the betterment of all, then get  involved in your community.  If you live in Chicago and want to  help Wayne then by all means contact him.  You can email Wayne  by clicking on the link below.  It shall automatically bring up  your email program.

email  for Wayne


1.  Sometimes campaign workers  (circulators) will not go door-to-door to get signatures but rather  forge people's signatures.  This was exposed on page 107 of  Delgado's petition when he ran for State Representative of the 3rd  District.
2.  When Wayne was working on a challenge against a Republican  Ward Committeeman, the FOIA officer for the Board did not want to  release this information.  Wayne had told her, Agnew is her  name, that this is public information.  Getting nowhere with  her, he called the State Board of Elections to confirm that the  information was indeed deemed "public."  The answer came back  that it is public information.  This was pointed out to Agnew when one day  she called him and started, in typical lawyer fashion, to talk and  talk without letting him have a word in edgewise.  He finally  told her that if she wanted to have a monologue he would simply hang  up but if she is interested in dialogue he would be open to  discussion.  As it turns out, since the Board was putting up  all sort of barriers, he found another way in law to challenge the  petition.  It was based on what is called dual-circulation.  Reboyras'  people were in on it and circulated for the Republican candidate  Foss.  The hidden agenda, in this case as well as the 31st  Ward, is to intentionally control the polls.  After all, if you  as Ward Committeeman for the Democratic Party control the Democratic  Judges of Election and then have the Republic Party Ward  Committeeman in your pocket, then you control both parties.   Welcome to the corruption, brought to you by the HDO, that permeates  the 30th and 31st Ward of Chicago (Aldermen Reboyras and Suarez).   By the way, Wayne was correct about the voter records being public  information, as was admitted to by Agnew, who then wanted to set up  a "special viewing" for him, monitored by the Board. (We assume that  it means someone from the Board was going to be right by his side  watching his every move.  How stupid and a waste of taxpayer  money!  Why?  The level of security on the computer  program would not allow the editing of any information, if that is  what they were worried about, but just viewing.  Their FOIA  officer needs to learn a little bit about computer programs and we  would recommend she talk to her software people at the Board.   Who is her clout?
This HDO member, a precinct captain that works for Alderman Ariel  Reboyras, touches the material (tape) coming off the vote tallying machine.  It is a violation for anyone, other than the Judge(s)  of Election to handle materials relating to the election.  His  name is Javier Valdez and he lives in the 30th Ward, 17th Precinct  at 2505 N. Menard.  This is public information!
The man in the sweater was allegedly working for the Board.   The funny thing about this is that he did not have any Board of  Election identification.  In the background you see two HDO  members running away.  One works for Alderman Reboyras and the  other works for Alderman Suarez and Berrios.

Many people do not know what is legal and illegal when it comes  to voting.

Reboyras Illegal Signs

For instance, the signs you see affixed to the fence along with  all the other signs leading up to the Field House at Kilbourn Park,  are all a violation of the rules.  In this particular case, the  signs violate Chicago Park District Policy.


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