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The Three Ticket Hearing at the Kangaroo Court

To Whom It May Concern:

This is in reference to ticket numbers  9057153919, 9057166014 and 9057193096 for alleged street cleaning  that never occurred.

During my campaign for State Representative of  the 3rd District, I presented detailed information  pertaining to many communities outside of downtown, yet within the 3rd District, that were neglected and/or serviced only on a minimal  level “ garbage pickup.   These tickets were an attempt to stop me and my organization from  pursuing capital improvements that are desperately needed in my  community.  It is also  duly noted that these tickets were issued during a time when a suit  was filed in Federal Court by our attorney Edward Voci.

It should also be noted that the first ticket  number did not appear on the letter I received pertaining to this  hearing, despite the fact that all three tickets had a request for a  hearing as evidenced by paperwork received from the front desk at  this very location.  In  fact, another letter was received from a collection attorney  pertaining to this ticket.  You may view my response in a newsletter that was recently  published and faxed to that agency along with the Department of  Revenue, Mayor Daley and other city agencies.  If this thicket is not included then the right to due process  has been violated - again.  We still await a reply from this agency, or one of the other  eleven agencies that this lawyer has set up to do business with the  City of Chicago,  the Department of Revenue or Mayor Daley.

As a matter of fact, you will see that my name  is not spelled as it appears anywhere in the documentation provided  by the City of Chicago; my name is not spelled STRAND. 

Furthermore, these tickets were issued in  retaliation for my circulating a petition to bring about cosmetic  changes for my community in the 2200 and 2300 block of north Marmora  - a community that has been neglected for more than 50 years.  I presented this petition to city council via Laski’s office  along with an accompanying ordinance.  Note:  I had the  2100 block of north Marmora completely redone in a similar manner  and during that period had a building inspection and was issued four  tickets.  This does not  count other inspections and tickets.

The alderman, Ariel Reboyras, knew about my  activities and through his office manager, Carlos, tried to persuade  me to go with the 50/50 program. This was totally unacceptable in my view because homes on  those two blocks were taxed for more than 90 years. Residents deserved and have paid for many times over, the  costs involved for replacement.

I have since exposed Reboyras for violating the  Freedom of Information Act presented to his office pertaining to the  Venue which every alderman must present for budget consideration. His office manager has also been exposed for getting an  improper property tax evaluation on his property at 2949  N. Kolmar and violations of city ordinances pertaining to alteration of the  city property on the parkway.  The Cook County Assessors Office has been notified.  There is no word yet as to the violation of altering the  parkway.

Also, during this period I passed out  information and picketed in front of the Department of Revenue  Hearing facility at 400 W. Superior.  I met with Mr. James M. Reilly, Director, Department of  Administrative Hearings along with the head of corporate council.  You may view the piece that was distributed in this  documentation.   It is an  open letter to Mr. Reilly.  Mr. Reilly and the head of corporate council agreed to place  signs informing people with an English language disability that help  is available. Upon inspection of that facility, no signs were found.  This issue will be addressed in the future.

What the issuance of these tickets has done is  show a consistent pattern that is employed by the City of Chicago and it goes like this:  I do something to improve the area or get better service and  in return I get tickets, building inspections along with  accompanying tickets, and so forth.  During a period when I had a picket exposing how poorly CAPS  is working in this community, I was given two parking tickets.  I then circulated a petition to get rid of the Commander of  the 25th District, name McCotter, and received another  ticket on private property.  You can view the information pertaining to this long time  harassment in this document.  It should be noted that the commander of the 25th District is no longer the commander, being replaced by Commander  Alverado.

Shortly, another suit will be filed in Federal  Court.   The defendants  will be the City of Chicago and the Chicago  Police Department.


Wayne A. Strnad



This was smoke and mirrors justice, Chicago style.

This matter was latter taken to the Circuit Court of Cook County.   Although the lawyer for Chicago wanted to play "Let's make a deal,"  Wayne would not partake in any part of it.

Appearing before a want-to-be judge, the judge threw the matter  back into the 400 W. Superior den of thieves.  The lawyer for  the City of Chicago was suppose to inform Wayne as to when the  hearing was suppose to happen but never did.  The judge was in  error for not hearing the matter.

This was under Judge Atkins.


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