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The Great Depression

No matter what you are told or led to believe, we have experienced two Great Depressions.  The first was in the 1930’s and the second started in 2008 and is continuing to this very day.  Government does not want to use the term depression any more because there are still millions of us around that might remember what people had to go through during that time.  That would send shivers down the spine of everyone.  So, they invent another term that is less powerful and it’s called the Great Recession.

No matter how they try to phrase one of the only differences is bread lines.  We still do not have a bread line forming anywhere, at least not that I know of, although I have seen people standing outside of churches waiting for the doors to open on the side of the building.  They are standing in line waiting for food.  So although this is not yet the magnitude of the Great Depression, it is beginning.

According to a recent news report there are more people getting food stamps than have received these benefits since the 1960-1970’s era.



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