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Cook County Forest Preserve Photo
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The Marmora Street Project
For more than 90 years the residents of this block had to live with parking on stones, WPA variety sidewalks, poor lighting and a bad street.  Read about the store by clicking on the photograph.
After the Great Chicago Flood
I call it the Great Chicago Flood because more than 5 inches of rain fell in the Belmont-Cragin area within a couple of hours.  The sewers could not handle it, nor were they designed to.  In fact, most of the sewers in the area were installed in the 1920’s with a projected replacement 50 years later.  75 years later they still were not changed but we are approaching the 100 year mark!  Read about it by clicking on the picture.
Disparity of Service
Some wards get better taken care of than others.  This photograph shows the size of the sewer when a 5 foot person stands nearby.
Flow Restrictor At Work
Technically it’s called a vortex.  City officials call it the Rain Blocker Program.  Now matter what you call it, it simply does not work.  Water, which is supposed to go down the sewer in a few hours now takes literally days to vanish.


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