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Dear Wayne,

As someone who has been interested in health care issues in the past, we wanted you to be aware of an important debate now taking place in Washington that could limit health care choices for seniors in Medicare.

As part of efforts to cut the U.S. deficit, lawmakers in Congress are currently considering problematic proposals to Medicare Supplement Insurance -- also known as Medigap. Some of these proposals would either require seniors to pay a deductible -- for example, $500 -- or add other new charges for Medigap coverage that prevents insurers from covering as many expenses as covered today by Medigap. Currently, more than 20 percent of those on Medicare rely on Medigap coverage for the peace of mind of predictable monthly health care expenses.

We're asking you to
call on Congress and urge that Medigap coverage not be a target to cut the deficit. Shifting more costs onto seniors is not the way to save the government money.

Nearly 10 million rely on Medigap for protection against out-of-pocket costs not covered by Medicare. The Coalition to Promote Choice for Seniors was formed to ensure that seniors continue to have access to Medigap coverage.
Join us today in telling Congress to protect Medigap coverage.


The Coalition to Promote Medigap Choice for Seniors


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