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The following books were published:

Gonis, Strnad - Mastering Mathematical Skills.

Strnad, Introductory Algebra.

To see the videos that Wayne produced please visit this site.

In the 1990’s Wayne acquired the copyright to his Introductory Algebra book and has since made a digital version.

You can click on the tab “Chapters” located above to look at particular chapters of this work.

Wayne Strnad now publishes his own work.

html code checker - checks for balanced tags in source code.

The Marmora Street Project - A guide to doing community work that brings money to the community.

How to Get On the Ballot - for all those that think they want to run for office.  This is the most sure-fired way to guarantee you will get on the ballot.


Introductory Algebra by Wayne A. Strnad
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Software Development

Check your source code with Code Checker.

OCD and your computer desktop.

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Running for Office

How to get on the ballot.

Petitioning Government

How to write a petition.

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