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Our nation's school kids are eating that stuff.  No generation has ever grown up eating ammonia - for long.

Your children and grandchildren: the new government approved lab animals. 

People have eaten raw dairy around the world for a very long time. But the experiment of ingesting pink slime is more recent. Imagine what that stuff does as it snakes its way through your body.

Do you wash your food with ammonia at home?  Would you even consider washing your food with ammonia? But when they do it, the slime is somehow safe??????

The 'solution' the USDA is offering to schools is the option to order meat that has some sort of textured meat substitute added to the meat.

You just know that the solution they offer is more of the same in a different wrapper.

Meanwhile, let's keep arresting raw milk farmers - now that stuff is DANGEROUS! Heck, it doesn't even have any ammonia in it to help make it safe.

Please share this little rant to save someone  from an ammonia induced illness.

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