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Insurance Policy Costs to Raise

For those of you that had the sense to have a rider put on your homeowner policy to protect against flooding, then on your next insurance anniversary date for policy renewal you will be surprised to find that your insurance company is limiting all claims to a maximum of $10,000. Many companies are cutting your current limit by 50%.

New Version of Red Lining

Back in the '60's - 70's insurance companies would analyze where most of the claimes were filed. If there were an inordinate number of claims then that area would be marked for none-coverage. This practice came to be known as Red Lining.  It has since been illegal.

With the Great Chicago Flood of '97 over, insurance companies were one of the first to react; if you filed a claim then generally the insurance adjuster was the person that informed you. If you didn't file a claim then you will not be told in writing or via the phone that your rider policy has decreased. They will simply cut the amount when they issue the next policy.


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