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Voter tampers with election material - it’s illegal for anyone to touch election material except the judge of election.
Election Day brings out the best of idiots.  At one point all the signs were removed from Chicago Park District property and placed on the parkway.  They tried to bury Wayne’s sign by surrounding it by at least 10 other signs.  After the fools were done, Wayne walked over and pulled his sign up and moved it to a better place.  It just goes to show the foolishness of some people.
This HDO (Hispanic Democratic Organization) precinct captain handles voting materials.  The judge of election stands by and does nothing.
This church needs to have its non-profit status reviewed.
Here Rudy Villareal and his three cohorts in violating election law and city ordinance (parked car by hydrant) stand inside the 100 foot zone and “steal” information from the voters that was passed out.
This car allegedly belongs to Bruce Adleman, an attorney, who worked for Isaac “Ike” Carothers.  Carothers was later found guilty in federal court and is now serving time in federal prison, where he belongs;  his daddy also served time in federal prison when he was found guilty.  He also served in public office.
Mayor Daley sure can pick ‘em.
By the way, the number of guards Daley has since he left office is 6.  This has been reduced to 3.  In case you are wondering, this is at taxpayer expense.

In an ideal world we would like to believe that out elections are fair.

Nothing is further from the truth here in Chicago.  Example:  A new mayor that should never have his name on the ballot, sanctioned by a Supreme Court of Illinois that is political in nature, a Statement of Economic Interest that Emanuel didn’t disclose fully, etc.

The Selling of City Services - which is illegal in State of Illinois law - goes on regularly during any campaign whose candidate is endorsed by the Democratic Ward Committeeman, the Cook County Board and others who work behind the seen which can vary based upon the public office being sought.

A Canvas - instead of going door to door, as the Chicago Board of Elections, alias Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago, should do to verify information of a voter, they do a mailing and then justify themselves by saying something to the effect that if the mail comes back the voter probably moved.  Is there any wonder why the dead still vote in Chicago?

A Federal Post Office that will deliver mail, even though someone does not live at the address on the piece, but return it to a candidate running for office because it was not addressed properly.  Fact is, this same post office treats mail from the Board of Elections differently and does deliver it.  Yet treats a candidate differently or with prejudice.  Also, and this should be noted, the information sent was sent to people whose address came directly from the Board of Elections database.  In case the post office would like to challenge this statement, I still have about 2000 pieces sitting around here from my campaigns that were returned to me.  Love to see a challenge in Federal Court.

A Board of Elections that hires attorney’s during an objection period to rule on particular objections.  These attorney’s are not versed in election law and specialize in other areas of law.  Just because they may teach future lawyers in some school, it does not add credence to their ruling.

    Example:  Someone was running for alderman yet they put the wrong election and even the wrong date of the election.  The Board of Election Commissioners thought it was ok and put them on the ballot.

    Upon appeal to the Circuit Court, their name was put on the ballot because a judge didn’t know the law himself.

What can the Board do about any of this?  They’ll tell you that they have no prosecution powers.  Everything needs to go to the Cook County States Attorney.  Well, that’s just another breeding ground of corruption that should be investigated from the top on down.  They rarely do anything about voter fraud.  We know because we handed them about 5,000 pages of documentation showing exactly where the fraud occurred and they did absolutely nothing.

So unless the Board of Elections and the State of Illinois, State Board of Elections does something positive to eliminate some problems, I’m afraid that these elections are merely a farce and do not represent the true feelings of the voters.

More than 10 years ago I recommended to the Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago that they look into electronic voting.  Specifically, allow the voter to exercise their right to vote from the comfort of their home.  If the voter did not have a computer, they could go to the local library and use one of theirs.  I also mentioned this in one of my books that was published back in the 1980’s.  Here is the link to that book called Introductory Algebra.  Heck, if you can allow early voting, which I consider very unfair to new people who want to run for political office, then you can really allow anything that would seriously help the voter.  Why do I say it’s unfair to the new people?  Read the reason why here.



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