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On Wednesday, August 19, 1998, Wayne A. Strnad was told about a neighborhood  located near the old Zenith building -- specifically Dickens and McVicker. Here  is what we saw.

Mounds of dirt recently dumped.

 Dumping 1

Heavy machinery is used to move mounds of dirt around

 Dumping 2

Stagnant water gets filled with other chemicals from  dumping.

 Dumping 3

Northeast corner of dump site.

 Dumping 4

Mounds of dirt measure 25-30 feet high.

 Dumping 5

2' sewers are left unattended and then broken in  cleanup.

 Dumping 6

Tires litter the site.

 Dumping 7

Bolders of concrete.

 Dumping 8

Propane tanks are left unattended.

 Dumping 9

Rear of trailer behind tires.

 Dumping 10

Playground for children as seen from dump site.

 Dumping 11

Playground - another view.

 Dumping 12

Bulldozer sits abandoned.

 Dumping 13

Concrete slabs abound, amidst dirt.

 Dumping 14

Large trailer sits behind heavy equipment

 Dumping 15

Northwest corner - overview.

 Dumping 16

Children Playground seen from residents lawn.

 Dumping 17

Children Playground - another view.

 Dumping 18

Southwest corner of dump site.

 Dumping 19

Southwest corner - view 2.

 Dumping 20

Residue oil container spotted on site.

 Dumping 21

Broken glass litters the site.

 Dumping 22

Burned bulldozer as seen from back.

 Dumping 23

Dump view.

 Dumping 24

Clay tiles are scattered.

 Dumping 25

Stacked tiles.

 Dumping 26

Unmarked 5 gallon containers are left unattended.

 Dumping 27

Wood is scattered across the site.

 Dumping 28

Burned bulldozer with broken glass.

 Dumping 29

Dirt and water don't mix.

 Dumping 30

Local residents complain about this site.

 Dumping 31

Another local view.

 Dumping 32

Local view.

 Dumping 33

Local view.

 Dumping 34

Local view.

 Dumping 35

Local view.

 Dumping 36

Inside children's playground.

 Dumping 37

Little playset for children located across from dump  site.

 Dumping 38

Handicapped accessible.

 Dumping 39

One phone call from Wayne is all it took to get the area cleaned.  Now residents can rest assured that their neighborhood is cleaned.



This photo documentary provides information on what was actually  happening in the area.


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