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Dr. Oz is probably one of the most watched TV shows that deal with medical information from the perspective of offering sound advise on foods you should eat that help your body run at optimal performance.  Not all of his information is exact and there are things that I disagree with but from an alternative approach to medicine he and Dr. Mercola are probably two of the best to watch and listen to.  Dr. Mercola does not have a TV show but does offer email updates on a wide range of topics that you should be aware of.

Today, September 18, 2011, I received an email from someone I do not know.  At first, I’m always leery about opening emails from people I do not know because you may know what’s inside (like a virus, worm, or Trojan horse).  But this time the email came from YouTube so I opened it because of the subject line that read in part, “...Mr. Oz does not use Vaccines.:

I do recall that Oz was telling people to get their vaccines.  This is one of the reasons I stopped watching his show because if he did the research, like he or his staff do for several other things they present, then he would take the contrary position and tell people not to get a vaccine.

The person that sent me the email included a link to the video that you can watch on YouTube.  Please follow the link to see for yourself.

What’s more important than the video is the research this person provided relating to exemption forms that you can get and use so your child or loved one is not forced by any governmental body to have a shot - no matter what the shot is made of.  Here is the link to the forms for all 50 states.

Dr. Oz, being a celebrity of the medical industry that is widely watched, is the typical “priest” that says one thing that you should follow, but will not follow himself.  That, by definition, is hypocrisy.   I stopped watching this guy months ago because of information that was presented relating to cancer.  It was flat out wrong information and was merely a reflection of mainstream (quake) medicine.  Mammograms, please, are not only painful for women, but introduce radiation to the breast; radiation can cause cancer as evidenced by studies done in the “Atomic Bomb” era.

Am I suggesting you stop watching Oz?  Absolutely not but like any advise you get you must investigate it for yourself.  To trust someone to the point that you’ll just submit to everything they say to do, goes by the name “blind faith.”  I had friends that have died using the advise of these medical professionals who used the blind faith approach and took the meds that were suggested.  Too bad the medical professionals only believe in drugs to solve problems - in fact, they only may help the symptom but not the cause - and have no concern for the research into the drug that they prescribe.

Do not trust anyone who wants you to take drugs for any symptom with performing your own research on what it is they want you to take.  Always investigate both the drug and the side effects. Make sure that the drug does not have a reaction with other drugs you may be taking.  Many of these doctors do not have the faintest idea of how multiple drugs interact with each other.

Do your research before you take any drugs and take the advise of the Food and Drug Administration with a grain of salt.  The theory is that the FDA has been bought and paid for and is definitely not an independent agency of government working for your best interest.  Why make such a statement?  More on this later.


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