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FREE Healthy Diabetes Friendly Recipes & More!
Perhaps one of the more common of diseases, diabetes, like cancer, can ultimately kill people.


Personally I’m not sure which is worse.  With diabetes you can lose portions of your body little by little.  Many start feeling the effect of diabetes early but do not recognize the symptoms.  Some even wait too long to address the problem with the result that they must have some portion of their body removed, like a toe or leg.

There are various medical theories out there relating to the why’s but one of the common things that should be watched is your diet.

Diet is not a word that implies reducing food intake, like many believe.  Saying that someone is on a diet simply means that they are changing their eating habits.  We all live on a diet.

Some foods are better than others and are used in various approaches (protocols) to treat various diseases. 
There is an old saying that goes, “You are what you eat.”

Like any diet, cooking the same things day-in and day-out can become boring.  One of the best ways to alter and yet have benefits of certain food groups, is to look for healthy recipes.  It does not matter which cultural group you belong to or where you live (although some parts of the world simply do not grow some of the things you might need).  As long as the recipes have the essential ingredients you need to improve or maintain your good health, you should consider trying them.



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