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Although the Mayor of Chicago, a guy who should never have been placed on the ballot to begin with, ran on a platform of no tax increases, he has done his best to make sure new taxes are forthcoming.  He uses an old tactic designed more than 50 years ago by another guy who was mayor of Chicago - Mayor Richard J Daley.

The ploy is simple and engineered so that he could not be charged during a new campaign with not keeping his word.  It goes like this:

Put someone in the position who is willing to follow your orders without questions.  Then get that person to trump up statistics to back whatever your want and then throw money at it.  Where do you get the money from?  New tax increases.

Rahm Emanuel appointed a new person to head the Chicago Board of Education.  This guy, who was not promoted from within, took the reigns and did exactly what Emanuel wanted - increase the taxes.

Thanks to the other Mayor Daley there are multiple taxing bodies in Chicago.  The CBE/CPS is one of them.  So, what this translates to is that Emanuel washed his hands of the thing, sort of like the guy who ordered the crucification of Jesus Christ, and gets what they want in the end anyway - a tax increase.

But what Emanuel can say is that he did not raise the taxes.

If he were to tell the truth, which is something you really cannot expect from this guy, he was behind the whole thing.

Remember this next time you’re asked to vote for him and then vote for anyone else.


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