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Here are some important links that lead to web sites for Cook County.  Please note that some of the links may not be active due to the fact that Cook County now has a new assessor. It is typical for governmental sites to change links. 

The Assessor Office

    This link allows you to look up information about your (or anyone else’s property data).  Note that this is public information maintained by the Assessor.
    Link to Property Search

Appeal Information

    If you feel that information is incorrect (which is a high probability) then you must file an appeal form.  Read about the process by clicking on the Appeal Form.  Note:  As of this writing the web site has not been updated to reflect the new Assessor’s Name, Joseph Burrios.  We can only assume that the information presented has not been altered yet.

Cook County Treasurer

Please watch the video above so that you can see some of the steps that are used to lookup information.


Recommendation to the Cook County Board
by Wayne Strnad.

It would be nice to have intergovernmental cooperation between agencies that maintain such data.  I suggest the following:

Information from the Assessors Office - Once data is generated i.e. Property Identification Number (PIN), place a link next to the PIN that allows a person to directly go to the Treasurer’s Office and places the data in the appropriate fields for the PIN.  The end user would simply type in the captcha and get the tax information.

Information from the Treasurer’s Office - Once a property identification number (PIN) is type in, create a link on the page that leads to the Assessor’s Office and fills in the PIN so that the end user can see the specifics of the property in question.

Information for the Recorder of Deeds - This would probably be the most extensive programming needed.  Place links to both the Assessor’s Office and the Treasurer’s Office for a given PIN.

The affect is to save “human” time in looking up information.  I believe that literally thousands of hours are lost in just opening new windows to bring up another site, which is still a part of Cook County government.

The autonomy of the individual branches of Cook County government remains in tact in that each branch still maintains their own sql database but can now share information between servers.



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