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Consumer Information

Unfortunately, there are companies out there that do not concern themselves with you or your community.  You know it and we know it too.

There is some legislation in place that works to protect the rights of the consumer but those laws need some work too because they do not go far enough to protect our rights.

For example, there are studies that suggest that “Cell Towers” could be a source of energy that adversely affect the human body, causing cancer, gene mutation, etc.  Here is what you’ll see that should be posted on the fence surrounding a cell tower.

There are many other examples too numerous to mention in this short explaination.

If you click on the links above you will find more detailed information about a particular topic.

Consumer Information - Expanded Info.

Consumers have little protection against companies and banks.   We specifically list "banks" because of the complaints that have  been presented to us.

For example, if someone defaults on a mortgage (meaning they cannot pay it) then the bank can foreclose on the property.  If  the foreclosure is successful the bank evicts the mortgagee and then  has the property at their disposal.

What banks do not do, which we feel should be done, is maintain  the property so that it keeps the neighborhood looking up to the  standards of the rest of the properties in the area.  For  example, there was a foreclosed property that stood vacant for more  than a decade.  The bank did not maintain the property at all  so that the roof started to leak and eventually the wood rotted;  from street level you could see the sky through the roof of the  house - that's how big the hole was.  Of course, the alderman  (Carothers) didn't do anything about it.

Consumer Protections

There is a Federal law that was instituted years ago to protect  consumer; personally we feel it needs shoring up so that it protects  the consumer more than it does.  Here is the link to that law.

What is Your Recourse?

As a consumer you can file a complaint.  Of course, there is  no guarantee that the receiving party will do anything to address  the issue but it never hurts to make them aware of a problem(s) with  some company.

In the State of Illinois, the highest office that allegedly works  to protect the people of the State of Illinois is the Attorney  General's Office.  This office is currently occupied by Mike  Madigan's (Speaker of the House who should have retired years ago)  daughter, Lisa Madigan, who herself violated the "Sign Ordinance"  multiple times by illegally placing signs on the parkway.  Be  that as it may, here is the form to use.

The links below lead to a form that requires a pdf reader.   We suggest that you do not fill out the form online but rather print  it and then fill it out.  Why?  If you fill it out online,  you will NOT have a copy for your records.

Attorney General - Consumer Complaint form:  English, Spanish


Due to the fact that we have received several complaints against  a company whose office is in Texas, we provide the form to use for  the Attorney General in Texas:   English, Spanish.

Here is a more detailedguide that you might  find interesting.  It was written and  updated by the Young Lawyers Section (YLS) of the Chicago Bar  Association for the purpose of increasing Chicagoans' knowledge of  the legal rules that affect all of us.  Credit is hereby given  to the authors of the document.

As more information is researched, it will be put online for you.



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