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Community Watch

It should be the responsibility of everyone
to watch what goes on in their community and all levels of government.

As our economy begins to change toward the negative, there are several things that will happen that are also negative.

Perhaps one of the worse things is the amount of crime that shall happen.  Crime will be on the rise because people are going to become more desperate and will need to do whatever it takes, just to survive.  We do not need a major study sponsored by government to confirm what we already know to the true, as shown in history.

So, if you are reading this information then please be aware of your surrounds and any “strange” activity that happens.  You are your own first line of defense against crime!

Do not take the law into your own hands!

Although many might like to do this, we ask that you refrain from such activity.

The proper course of action is to call 9-1-1 and then let the police do their job.

What if the police don’t do their job?

This is an entirely different issue that you might need to address.

Many people feel that the response time for the police department is very bad.  In several sections of this city, Chicago, not only is the response time poor but many times the police do not even show up.  You can read about our experiences with the Chicago Police Department by clicking on this link.

Do not give up!

Remember, you pay for the service and if you do not get the service then it is your moral and ethical responsibility, as a law abiding citizen, to demand responsibility and accountability.  Also, you do have rights.  The Constitution is still in force although some feel that recent legislation is overturning portions of Constitutional law.

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WayneRaisesMoneyWithFireDeptThe photograph shows Wayne Strnad raising money with the Chicago Fire Department a few days after the 9-1-1 tragedy. That day more than  $7,000.00 was donated by the community to help the victims.

Getting Involved with Your Community

It is a rather unfortunate thing that these days people simply do not know very much about the community in which they life. It is very common for people not to know anything about their neighbors other than that's the person that drives a certain car that they see periodically parked in  front of their house. Not only that, people who live in urban areas do  not know about the crime that's going on in their area, other than the  "tags" that are placed on garage doors or the side of buildings - by  alleged gangbangers.

For most people it's a rather simple thing to stay cloistered in their  abode and block out the outside world. However, there are many  advantages to getting to know your neighbors, least of which is watching out for each other.

Wayne Strnad knows a multitude of communities because he has fortunately run  for public office and has circulated his petition pretty much by  himself. He has knocked on thousand of doors and talked with people  about the problems they face in their own community and has tried to  help in any way he can to solve their problems. Of course, not every  problem can be solved by him or even those in political office right  now. Problems such as Medicare, employment, alternative health care,  etc. These problems are global problems that should be addressed by the  Federal government and those who seek the position in the House of  Representative or the Senate aka Congress.

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