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Collection Agency Exposed

Arnold Scott Harris, P.C.
Attorneys at Law
600 W. Jackson Boulevard, Suite 450
P.O. Box 5625
Chicago,IL 60680-5625

Dear Mr. Harris,

I am in receipt of your letter dated December  15, 2004 and mailed to one named Wayne Strand, at a cost of $.27.8  that was mailed from zip code 48195.  It was received on December 21, 2004. I find it interesting that your mailing address above does  not have the correct zip code for the 600 block of  West Jackson Boulevard.  We are contacting the postal authorities so that they may  explain such an impropriety in the processing of your mail; you may  be in violation of Federal Postal Regulations regarding the usage of  your postal meter.

According to your website at www.quickcollect.com, you  are going to make less than $4.50 to collect $150.00 as shown on the  page http://www.quickcollect.com/article2.htm, which you shall not  collect because of the following:

  • When you find this person named Wayne  Strand, let him know that you’re going to send a letter about  this matter.  As you can  see, I do not spell my name in that manner nor have I ever since  I learned the alphabet and that’s more than 50 years ago.
  • I, Wayne A. Strnad, did request a hearing  on September 2, 2004 regarding alleged violation # 9057153919.  Please see attached.  I still await notice as to when that hearing shall take  place.  I wouldn’t miss  it for anything as is evidenced by the fact that any and every  ticket I have received was either addressed at a hearing or  taken to Cook County Circuit Court.  One exception was the denial of my right to due process  by the Revenue Department.  You can find all the acts of retaliation against me and  my organization because of our community involvement in exposing  how CAPS doesn’t work in this community (received two tickets  during an informational picket in retaliation to the picket) and  in getting ride of a Chicago Police Commander at the 25th District (another ticket on private property issued), by  visiting our website.    You can also find documentation about how the Revenue Department  was totally incompetent.   I fought and won two of these three tickets and would have  fought the other in Cook County Circuit Court but the Revenue  Department refused to hand over a paper to present to the Cook  County Circuit Court.  I  was told by the intake people at the Circuit Court that a paper  was required. Despite  the fact I requested it, it was never sent. Thus, the right of  due process was denied.   By the way, we do have documentation to confirm this.
  • Somehow this ticket was pushed through the  system without allowing me the right to due process - again.  Please see the attached request for a hearing, signed by  one of Chicago’s city employees,  that was attained from a city facility on Addison Avenue,  near LaneTechHigh School.  It’s actually in a mall that has totally inadequate  parking for the number of people that matriculate through that  center.
  • I have a credit with the City of  Chicago as per a court order which the Revenue Department has apparently  chosen to ignore.  Maybe  I should employee Harris and Harris (one of the outfits you are  allegedly associated with) to collect on my behalf, the money  owed me from the City of Chicago. Heck, I™ll even up your rate and give you $5.00 although  the chasing of ambulances might be more financially rewarding.
  • It is duly noted that the Revenue  Department is quick to want money but poor at paying it back.  I believe that they are in violation of a court order and  next year I very well might go back to the judge and tell her  so.   Further, I have  evidence that shows they collected money for services to be  performed but did not complete the request for more than a year.  In that case, they collected more than $200.00.  The work was not  completed until we brought it to their attention and published  the fact - citywide.   I  wonder how many other cases there are in which the Revenue  Department ignores court orders or collected payments for  services rendered where no services were performed.  Maybe I need a Freedom of Information Act request to  determine a potentially new type of scandal which we can label  the Chicago Revenue Augmentation Program - acronym is CRAP.

There are literally hundreds of pages you can  read online at our website.  Any further action on this matter shall be met with  countermeasures and let me assure you  we don’t stop!  If you think I’m joking then I suggest you look at the  dockets for Federal Court cases against the City of Chicago, filed in August  of this year.  You will  find my name, spelled correctly, in a suit against the City of Chicago and numerous other defendants which  includes commissioner(s) on down; some commissioners names do not  appear in the original filing but will be added later.  I’m not adverse to filing another suit in Federal Court or  attaching these gross violations of due process, as protected by the  Constitution of the United States of America, against the City of Chicago, Revenue Department or your firm acting as an agent  of the City of Chicago in the role of collections.  You better get your facts straight!

The phone number that appears on your letter is  not that of Harris and Harris either.  Indeed, there are more than an ample number of items that  question such unethical practices.  Do you think we should file a complaint with the Attorney  Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of  Illinois?  I have the  form in hand.  What is  the real name of your real law firm? (See page 3 below.) It’s a  question on the form.

By the way, according to the Code of  Professional Conduct and Ethics that you subscribe to at the  National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys, of which you  are a member, the following should be brought to your attention:

The principles of the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics of  the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys express the  profession’s recognition of its responsibilities to the public, to  clients, and to colleagues. They guide members in their professional  responsibilities and express the basic tenets of ethical and  professional conduct. The principles call for an unswerving  commitment to honorable behavior, even at the sacrifice of personal  advantage.

We consider it unethical, non-professional and  a breach of your responsibility to the public to disguise your true  identity, provide a bogus phone number, do not show your true firms  name (Harris and Harris or quickcollect.com or one of eleven  others), potentially violate postal meter regulations, etc.  Finally when we called the number provided and asked for a  fax number, we were given 312-251-2333. This is not the registered fax number you have on file with  NARCA.  Who do you know  at City Hall that got you this account?  Is Mr. Diaz HDO?

Now although it is not illegal to form several  corporations, you apparently have an inordinately high number and  that is a dozen.  The  names are:

LaSalle Attorneys, Chartered

Affiliated Legal Services, P.C.

Creditors Legal Service, P.C.

Chicago Law Group, Attorneys-At-Law

Harris & Levin, Ltd.

Allen E. Levin & Associates, Ltd.

Harris & Harris, Ltd.

Arnold S. Harris & Associates, P.C.

Bilco Credit Services, Inc.

Business Credit Services, Inc.

Harris and Harris Incorporated -  Involuntary  Dissolution

Harris and Harris of Illinois, Ltd.


Some of these corporations have been dissolved.  Do you get taxpayers money for collection services at each of  these corporations?  Now  we’re definitely going to hand in a FOIA. 

Incidently, you have an error on the webpage http://www.quickcollect.com/contact.htm#Telephone: and after all  these years (since May 28, 1997) that is really unacceptable.  You should talk to Barry May and have him straighten it out.

Also, the indented type on the preceding page  is a quote from NARCA’s website and credit is hereby properly given.  We are also considering filing a complaint with NARCA.

As you probably suspect, we are very thorough  in our research but have left out in this letter some other  interesting findings, which may or may not be published at a later  date.

I hope you have a happy holiday season.

Most Sincerely,

W. A. Strnad 

PS.  Are you related to Judge Harris?

As was once said by the Beatles, who were  popular before you were born, “Let it be.”  If not, you’ll open up a whole other can of worms for me!  hehehe.

cc: Mayor Daley
Bea  Reyna-Hickey - Director of Revenue
Other interested parties

You can also find this on our  website.



One would think that the Revenue Department would look into the  collection agency they use.   After all, it's eventually  taxpayer money and as such should be impeccable throughout the  proceedings.

Do you think this agency chases ambulances?

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