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Willie Moore Exposed
This was an "Actor" that never got caught - for 25 years - until Wayne found out.

Willie Moore Exposed - Wayne Strnad helps the community of taxpayers and business alike.

As you have no doubt gathered from all this information, this city likes to reward certain people based not on their credentials or skills, but on political connections.  Since many are not qualified or certified to handle the position they are appointed to, they are given the title with the word acting appearing before the title.  So, for example, Acting Ward Superintendent would qualify as someone who is put in the position until further notice.  Usually, this means that the pay is appropriately raised to the level that would be received by the certified person.

In the 37th Ward, under the appointed alderman Emma Mitts, there was a worker that was acting for more than 25 years.  He was an Acting Refuge Collection Coordinator.  Note that this position is also tauted as an inspector and in fact they even carry a badge that says inspector.  This, we feel, is misrepresentation at its best!

What is important also important to note is that many of these positions are filled by laborers that are members of Local 1001.  This local is known to have connections with the Mob.  In fact, many of our exposures led to the removal of several top officials in this union - it was put into receivership.

Generally, a laborer makes more money that say, someone who is clerical.  However, the laborer that is put into such clerical position will not have a reduction in pay.  This was shown to be the case in the 37th Ward with Carol Mohammad.  However, in the case of Willie Moore, more than 25 years ago he was hired as a laborer and advanced to RCC shortly afterwards.  He remained in that position all those years without certification.

When this information was published, Tommie Johnson, Isaac "Ike" Carothers right-hand man, move Willie to District 3 in an attempt to hide Willie.  However, because our network is so deep, we found out and exposed the move.  This is community work in action to fight for what's right in the community, for the community and by the community.  It is always good business practice to help save taxpayers money.

Willie then retired and we wished him the best for his remaining years.  Wayne Strnad says, "We sincerely hope that now, after all those years of working, Willie can enjoy is life and sit back, take it easy, and have some fun."


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