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Resign Devine
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Strnad suggests Devine should resign for total incompetance in regards to handling voter fraud issue on behalf of community and business alike

Cook County States Attorney Richard Devine Devine amounted to no more than a yes man, responsible to Daley and not the community.  Wayne Strnad called for his resignation but being in the position of corruption that he was, that would never happen.

Carothers Mug Shot You might be interested to know that one of the reasons Devine never did anything about the voter fraud issue was that he and Carothers have many of the same contributors.  After all, if he went after Carothers then the people that contributed to Carothers might not want to contribute to Devine.  You can find out about this by going to the State Board of Election in Illinois and then searching for committees for Devine and Carothers.  Do one and then the other.  Look over the history of those committees.  You'll see many of the same business contributors i.e. if the State Board of Elections has not altered the records in any way.



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