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Public Integrity Unit
Cook County State's Attorney office has renamed this unit 3 times due to the informational picket.

Public Integrity Unit Needs to Find Some of the Same, says Wayne Strnad on behalf of the community and business concerns

Photo of Dick Devine One would expect that at an outrageous cost to taxpayers, the Cook County States Attorney would at least do something other than rename the Voter Fraud Unit three time.  This unit and Dick Devine cost the taxpayer more than $500,000 during the short period Wayne Strnad picketed yet, there were 0 indictments and 0 convictions.  Community and business concerns alike get affected adversely by such incompetance.

You see, the laws in this state and probably your state besides, are written by those that want to stay in power.  They are not to the benefit of all, as people are lead to believe.  Political figures have run a con on the American People for many generations and one of the only positive things that has happened with the election of Obama, is that he is the apex of the con.  Nobody liked a liar and Obama, who did receive my vote last time, will never receive it again.  He now ranks with all the other con artists like Nixon, Daley, Madigan to name a few.  Heck, one could put an entire website up with just the con men in this country.


Just to make sure that there is no confusion, please don't play the race card because I mentioned Obama - its been done before and yielded only positive result in my favor.  It's not about race - it's about truth, honor and integrity.  Those are the elements that have gone by the wayside these days with little hope of bringing them back unless YOU take it upon yourself to do the right thing for the betterment of all.



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