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Complaint filed with State of Illinois
Working conditions at some facilities are absolutely terrible.

Wayne Strnad filed Complaint with State of Illinois on behalf of community and business concerns

Picture of Outside Washroom Facility One would like to believe that the city provides sanitary working conditions, especially in an office run by the Department of Streets and Sanitation, but in actual fact, the city could care less about the employee and their working conditions.  This administration is about the community and business concerns that are around these facilities, that is, unless that community or business is connected through "Chicago Clout."

There are many examples of this throughout the city but in this particular case, we asked the Illinois Department of Labor, Safety Inspection and Education Division, and the Occuptional Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to look into the matter.

The result is that the city was found in violation of standards in the 24th Ward.  Alderman is Michael D. Chandler and the Ward Superintendent is Walter Thompson.

By law, these findings were supposed to be posted in a visible place inside the facility but the findings were never posted anywhere in the facility - so Wayne Strnad published the findings for all to see, despite Hennessy.


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