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City Workers who are Actors
Did you know that some people are not qualified for a position but still are promoted to the position?

City Workers Who Are Actors that do not serve the community or business but themself

Many people know how the City of Chicago works especially if they are on the inside, looking out at the general public.  Usually referred to as Chiago Clout, city workers face all sorts of problems if they don't "go with the flow" of what political cronies say or tell them to do.  They know what the terms "Chinaman," "juice," and "clout" are all about.  What it really is about is a level of corruption, organized crime really, that has not been seen in years since the time of Richard J. Daley.

One would like to believe that governmental officials that are elected to office, work for the betterment of the community - all the people.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth in the case of this administration in Chicago.  If the opposite were true then something that is pointed out as a serious health concern for city employees would be addressed immediately, right?  Wrong!

If one is under the belief that they don't have the money, then the fact remains that they never have the money!  Politicans will use this to raise taxes though but you will never be able to trace where the money goes.  Wayne Strnad considers such tactics a scam.

There is a facility that houses all the garbage trucks.  Actually, there are several of them spread throughout the city.  They all have similar problems in that gasoline and other oil byproducts leak into the ground.  This causes serious concerns over the health of an individual who works at the facility as well as the surrounding community and business.  No longer are the days that we can turn our eyes the other way because if we take that approach, medical concerns and costs would eventually bankrupt the taxpayer.  It is always better to address a problem immediately then to put off a solution for "down the road."

The Ferdinand Facility was one such facility that had problems - lots of them.  We call the Department of Environment at the State of Illinois level but they told us that since we are dealing with Chicago, they have their own Environmental Department.  In other words, we have a duplicate department that does the same thing that a State of Illinois Department would do, right?  Yes, I was told.  What a waste of taxpayer dollars.  There are several duplicative departments in the City of Chicago.

However, from a political point of view, it is quite understandable in that any state official does not want to step on the toes of any city official, especially one of Daley's cronies.

This document that you can purchase provides a letter to Daley and some insight into the workings of the Department of Environment for the City of Chicago.



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