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Carol Muhammad gets exposed.
This was another "Actor" that got caught.

Carol Muhammad is told by Wayne Strnad about the 1st Amendment to the Constitution when she tells him he cannot picket in front of a Streets and Sanitation facility.

Photo of Wayne Strnad in front of 37th Ward Streets and Sanitation Office Certain people can get away with things because of their Chicago Clout juice.  Carol Muhammad is one such person who is a laborer - a member of Local 1001.  Laborer's are the people that work on the back end of a garbage truck.  Sometimes, the Ward Superintendent - a position that is controlled by an Alderman but should really be controlled by the Commissioner of Streets and Sanitation, Al Sanchez - either chooses someone to be a clerical worker or is told to choose someone for the position.

Carol Muhammad is a laborer and not clerical staff.  Through some form of osmosis yet unknown to science, she was made a clerical worker, in the image and likeness of a laborer.  The difference in wages is about $10,000 per year, less.  In other words, the taxpayers are being cheated out of $10,000 for her to sit in an office and do whatever she does when she really belongs on the back end of a garbage truck.  There should have been a reduction in pay.

Carothers photo before he went to jail Carol Muhammad helps both Emma Mitts and Isaac "Ike" Carothers when it comes election time.  Carothers has coned the community multiple times and eventually ended up in jail, where he rightly belongs.



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