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Another Actor
This was another "Actor" that got caught.

Another Actor - Felsha Belcher - community and business con by Streets and Sanitation

Chicago Clout is one of those things that attributes to the demise of services that are equally distributed to all.  It is because of clout that certain people get services and other do not, despite the fact that everyone pays for the services through taxes - usually property taxes.

There are always tradeoffs when dealing with a clout-based system.  One of the tradeoffs is your life and freedom.  Once you submit to what your clout says to do, you are bought and paid for.  Usually, the service you must perform is knocking on doors in some community you are told to report to around election time to ask for a voters signature (if you don't round-table it) on a petition, and then after the candidate gets on the ballot, you must pass out information on your candidates behalf to the community and local business.  If you don't then you experience what is usually referred to as retailation.  "You want that job, don't you?"

The problems with this structure are many.  People will lie about anything and everything, just to convince the voter that their candidate will help them.

In all the times Wayne Strnad ran for political office, he made only one promise and that was to do the best job he possibly could.  Needless to say, the powers that be did not want to see him in any political office.  There were literally 500-600 people working against him in a single election - people from all over the city who had no interest whatsoever in what was happening in the district he would represent or the Ward.  How despirate they were to make sure he did not win.  Funny thing though, each time he ran he received more votes than the time before!

This piece that you can purchase addresses one individual who has allegedly ripped off the taxpayer for at least $40,000.  Her name is Felsha Belcher.  She is connected with Isaac "Ike" Carothers and his side-kick, "Little Tommy" Johnson.  The one and the same guy who had his hands caught in the vending machine controversey.  His clout is Carothers.  Allegedly Johnson is Belchers clout.

You might like to ask who's Carothers clout?  Simply, really.  That's Daley.



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