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Wayne's Reply to Tickets

If I were like everyone else, I would have stopped doing things  that ruffled the feathers of this administration as well as the  local aldermen and various other departments of this city.  I'm  glad I pursued my course and fought, and continue to fight, for what  is right and just.  There is an old saying that I sometimes  tell myself when things look bleak and it goes like this:  If  you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Think about that.  In the meantime, you can look at my reply  to the tickets I was given.  It's a pdf file so you need a pdf  reader.

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Doing community work is usually a thankless job that requires a  great deal of time and energy.  Most activists are usually  underpaid and overworked.  Many times organizations seek grants  to sponsor their activities but those grants usually come with  strings attached or restrictions as to what can be done.

Wayne could not live a life with strings tugging on him, pulling  him in directions that he would not want to go.  He is a free  thinker who would prefer to stand up for his rights, then relinquish  a single one.

Perhaps one day we all shall come to that point in life whereby  our principles are challenged and we then must face the decision to  relinquish or stand up.

Will you stand for something, or, fall for anything?


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