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 Internal Affairs
3510 S. Michigan
Chicago, IL  60653

This letter is a formal complaint against 25th District Commander  McCotter.  We expect a full scale investigation, repremand, retraction  and demotion in rank for Commander McCotter.

On May 22, 2003, the following headline made the front page of the Lerner Times:  Police claim group xenophobic.

On June 9th we talked with the General Manager of the newspaper and  we were told that Commander McCotter made that statement.

It is not the role of the Chicago Police Department to make  blatantly slanderous, derogatory and libelous remarks about any  individual or group, especially to the press.  Nor is it defined  anywhere in the mission statement for the Chicago Police Department that such a role exists or is part of the actions of the Chicago Police  Department when dealing with individuals or groups that try to get  services for their community. Here is the Mission Statement:

    The Chicago Police Department, as part of and empowered by the  community, is committed to protect the lives, property and rights of all the people, to maintain order, and to enforce the law impartially. We will provide quality police service in partnership with the other  members of the community.

 McCotter overstepped his bounds by playing the role of prosecutor,  judge and jury to convict our organization of being a racist group (a  synonym for xenophobics). This is totally unacceptable and most  vehemently denied.

Please be advised that we intend to exercise all legal options and  have no intention of accepting lip service as to how long it takes to  investigate. Get a copy of the newspaper and see it in print. Case  closed.

Most Sincerely,

Wayne A. Strnad

cc Superintendent Hillard
     Legal Affairs
     Other interested parties

PS. Consider this letter as not only a complaint but a request via  the Freedom of Information Act for McCotter to produce paperwork that  justifies his statement made to the press.

Read another letter from Stella Nicpon to Internal  Affairs.


Internal Affairs is about as worthless an organization that the  taxpayers cough up money for as is a maggot looking for something to  feed off of in your garbage can.  At least a maggot will  eventually fly around and eat some stuff that rats love to dine on.   Internal Affairs just lies around and collects a check!

They're about as good as OPS! another worthless group that sucks  down our tax dollars and gives nothing in return.

The only time these folks kick into gear is when a case hits the  spotlight in the press.  Then they must start work!

They do next to nothing, yet claim they investigate and will get  back to you.  They lie a lot. 
Fact:  We've been  waiting for them to get back to us for about 8 years.


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