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Old Posts Get Your Free Household Tips Report
If you are interested in saving money then download this free report by visiting:


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Old Posts Not Part of Us
It was recently pointed out that there is a domain name that is basically the same as ours except that is ends in a com.

We have no affiliation whatsoever with this website ie
citizensforcommunityaction.com and mywayne.com and hereby recommend that you do not visit the site if you are looking for our organization.

We have spent years doing community work and have built a fine reputation in the work we have done for the community.

We do not appreciate some opportunist who tries to make money off of our work by ultimately misleading people into thinking they are visiting us or a site associated with us.

It is a completely monetized site - meaning it leads people to links that if they click on it, will put money in the owners pocket.

Be aware of such trickery! Do not visit or click on any links found at the .com version of citizensforcommunityaction and mywayne.com.

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Old Posts Under Development
We are currently working on the beta testing of the software.

Please be patient.
1 1 01/06/2010
07:38:09 AM
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Collapse This Category Unemployment    
Old Posts An Overview
Since so many people have been discharged from their job(s), we have decided to put online, many of the laws that we feel you should know about. The list may not be complete and we rely upon you to help others by placing your experience with Unemployment Compensation in these forums.

Our intent is simple. We felt that there should be some place where people can exchange their experience and perhaps help others by posting their experience(s) online as a guide for others.

You can visit Wayne on twitter where you'll find more than 4,500 posts about unemployment on the national and world level. Visit: http://twitter.com/WAStrnad

4 4 11/20/2013
2:46:57 PM
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Old Posts Collection and Refund
The Law
1 1 04/06/2009
06:46:32 AM
by: admin Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Rights and Duties of Employers
The Law
1 1 04/06/2009
06:51:40 AM
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Old Posts SNAP Program
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
1 1 02/11/2010
07:06:29 AM
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Collapse This Category XPress Forum    
Old Posts Announcements
General announcements regarding XPress
9 9 07/06/2009
7:25:05 PM
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Don't forget to visit our store. Simply click on "Go Shop" directly above.

You'll find thousands of pages of information that you can download and much of it is FREE.

Purchasing anything helps us cover the cost of operating this forum and presenting all the information that you can find within this website.

Visit http://www.waynestrnad.info/StrnadExchange/

Thank you for your support.
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Old Posts Health Watch
On March 18, 2008 we added a Recipe Book for your enjoyment and sharing. Please add or use a recipe you find and then report back whether you like the recipe or not.

Also, stay abreast of other health news here.
9 10 11/20/2013
2:57:09 PM
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Forum Locked PayPal Only Please
Set up your PayPal account today. It's FREE.
1 1 07/11/2008
07:00:27 AM
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Old Posts Registration
Some simple things you should know about.
3 3 09/25/2009
06:35:53 AM
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Old Posts Testing XPress
Right now we are testing the forum to see if it is applicable to servicing the needs of our community. Your feedback is important so keep those replies coming.
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Collapse This Category Suggestion Box    
Old Posts XPress Yourself
Do you have a suggestion to help improve our forums? Place your comments in this forum.
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Collapse This Category The New World Order Exposed    
Old Posts Accountability of our Elected Officials
How and through what means should we hold our elected officials accountable?
1 2 04/26/2010
9:45:58 PM
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Old Posts Banking
Stop using banking services and find alternative means for transactions.
1 1 09/19/2009
04:56:43 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Federal Reserve Bank
It is not associated with the Federal Government. It is a private entity that currently stands above the law and is not controlled by any governmental agency.
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Old Posts Fight Back - STOP using credit cards
Banks love it because they make a lot of money off of your usage of credit cards. The interest they charge used to be called "loan sharking" but has since been revised as acceptable. Expose their scams here.
2 2 03/20/2009
04:10:42 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Obama Lies
There are already many promises that were made to the American people that have been changed. A promise not kept is merely a lie. Put your thoughts on his lies here.
3 5 04/04/2009
05:53:00 AM
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Old Posts Report New Taxes Here
Has your local legislature, state legislature or federal government created a new tax that everyone should know about? Report it here.
2 6 04/02/2009
03:43:11 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Required Service of Everyone
Should you be required to serve? Is this a new form of slavery? Should we have people monitoring our activities and getting paid to do it under the name of the law?
2 2 03/18/2009
04:14:44 AM
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Old Posts The Amero-Dollar
One potential way out of this economic disaster is to create a new currency that is used in conjunction with two other currencies - the Canadian dollars and the Mexican pesos. This is not a viable solution.
1 1 03/17/2009
08:27:32 AM
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Old Posts The Bailout Con
The bailout is no more than paying off the rich for the screw-ups of Wall Street. Why would one want to bailout those that brought down this country?
2 3 03/29/2009
03:16:51 AM
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Old Posts The Bilderberg Group Exposed
The real government behind the facade of our leadership in Washington, D.C. is the Bilderberg Group. They have sponsored such leaders as Hitler, Bush, Clinton and Obama.
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Old Posts The No Fly List Con
Who decides the names that are put on the No Fly List? What are the criteria for such a decision? How can you find out if you are on the No Fly List? How do you get removed?
1 1 03/17/2009
06:17:50 AM
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Old Posts The Trilateral Commission
Place your information about this commission in this forum.
1 1 03/17/2009
08:18:14 AM
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Old Posts Video Feedback
Place your likes and dislikes here.
1 1 05/19/2009
04:22:40 AM
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Collapse This Category Business Opportunities    
Old Posts Free Videos on Mini Sites
If you have any free videos that you want to share with people then please describe them here.
1 1 08/23/2008
07:51:28 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts How to Guides....
If you have any free guides for people then please register them here.
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Collapse This Category General Complaints    
Old Posts Overview
If you cannot find a particular area that you think addresses your area of interest then you might consider putting it in this section.
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Collapse This Category Alternative Health    
Old Posts Addiction and Recovery
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Old Posts Alternative Health Organizations
If you know of any organizations that we should place in the list then please put your feedback in this forum. Currently we have a couple dozen places. You can add your feedback if you've visited or attended one of the places we have online. Thank you for the input!
23 23 07/25/2008
3:33:31 PM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Alzheimer's and Dementia
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Old Posts Antannas and Towers
1 1 07/08/2008
05:49:03 AM
by: itsame Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Anxiety & Mental Health
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Old Posts Arthritis and Joint Issues
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Old Posts Autism
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Old Posts Back Pain
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Old Posts Bipolar Disorder
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Old Posts Blindness - Visually Impaired
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Old Posts Cancer
2 3 07/24/2008
07:11:39 AM
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Old Posts Caregiving
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Old Posts Children's Health
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Old Posts Cholesterol
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Old Posts Cystic Fibrosis
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Old Posts Deafness and Hearing Loss
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Old Posts Dental Health
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Old Posts Depression
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Old Posts Diabetes
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Old Posts Diet
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Old Posts Down Syndrome
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Old Posts Eating Disorders
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Old Posts Emotional Health
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Old Posts Epilepsy and Seizures
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Old Posts Fitness and Exercise
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Old Posts Heart Health
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Old Posts HIV - Aids Support
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Old Posts Infertility
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Old Posts Menopause
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Old Posts Men's Health
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Old Posts Migraines - Headaches
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Old Posts Multiple Scierosis
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Old Posts Obesity
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Old Posts Osteoporosis
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Old Posts Pain Management
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Old Posts Pet Health
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Old Posts Pregnancy
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Old Posts Say NO to Mamograms
Mamograms are x-rays. According to Wikipedia:

An X-ray (or Röntgen ray) is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength in the range of 10 to 0.01 nanometers, corresponding to frequencies in the range 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz (30×1015Hz to 30×1018Hz). They are longer than Gamma rays but shorter than UV rays. X-rays are primarily used for diagnostic radiography and crystallography. X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation and as such can be dangerous.

Why take a risk? Put your experience in this forum.
1 2 07/25/2008
4:16:31 PM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Sexual Health
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Old Posts Single Parenting
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Old Posts Sleep Disorders
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Old Posts Stomach and Digestion
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Old Posts Thyroid Disease
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Old Posts Women's Health
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Collapse This Category Bad Business Practices    
Old Posts AT&T is really SBC
Having problems with this company? Describe it here.
1 1 07/13/2008
05:21:43 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts CheckFree BillPay
CheckFree maintains contracts with several banking institutions. This allows the account holder of the bank to write electronic checks. This forum discusses what they don't tell you nor want you to know.
3 3 05/09/2009
03:42:58 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Comcast purchased years ago
Did you ever wonder why Comcast and AT&T appear to be in a battle for your viewing pleasure without either one of them filing suit against the other because of questionable advertising campaigns?
2 2 07/13/2008
05:39:01 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts ComEd
With the new rate structure one would think that they now have the money (as if a billion or so in profit was not enough) to fix their wires that are exposed and look terrible. Will they now stop neglecting your community?
5 16 03/31/2009
7:04:50 PM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Four Seasons Heating and Cooling
This company will install an outside air conditioning unit anywhere you want, even in violation of manufacture guidelines.
1 1 07/13/2008
7:08:10 PM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Gas Rate to Go Up
Rate increases are controlled by the Illinois Commerce Commission, at least in the State of Illinois. Here is information relating to such increases.
1 1 03/29/2009
7:51:33 PM
by: admin Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Monitronics Scam is Coming Again
Each summer, for the last several years, Monitronics (a home security company) sends out its representatives into the Chicagoland area to try and sign-up new customers or add features to existing customers.

Write your horror stories here.
1 1 07/13/2008
05:55:14 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts PayPal Bogus Charges
Have you experienced a transaction that you know nothing about? You're not alone.
1 1 09/14/2008
9:25:39 PM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Peoples Gas
They hide behind an alleged law but run a scam to get new customers.
2 4 08/05/2008
1:22:14 PM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Municipal Information    
Old Posts A Guide
For years Wayne has fought against the corruption that is so prevelant in this city. Much of the information comes directly from city employees who have had one bad experience after another.

For obvious reasons, we do require a registration. Viewing of any information that is posted is not made public. Only those that have registered with this forum are allowed access to this area.

Also, you shall be able to receive immediate email information for any new information that has been posted by one of your fellow city employees.
1 1 06/27/2008
09:24:16 AM
by: itsame Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Chicago - How many children are affected?
Do you feel that Daley and the 29 or so aldermen that voted to have a new Child's Center underground is right? How many children do you think are going to really use this facility from our neighborhood?
1 1 07/02/2008
07:55:41 AM
by: itsame Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Chicago - Municipal Departments
Write about the service your municipality provides. Include the name of your municipality along with the state.
2 2 07/11/2008
06:03:20 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Chicago - Water Management Department
If you work for the former Water or Sewer Department, name now changed to Water Management, then put your story here.
2 2 07/10/2008
06:22:20 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Chicago Public Schools
Arnie Duncan is on his way to Washington to head the school system at the Federal Level. This guy never taught a class in anything.
1 1 03/18/2009
05:23:52 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Daley's Cameras All Over the Place
It started several years ago when Daley wanted to install cameras at very busy intersections to catch drivers who went through a red light or turned right on a red light when no right turn was permitted.
1 1 07/13/2008
06:17:24 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Local Officials
Information about your local officials is placed here. Local means the first level of government, usually your muncipality, such as your city or town.
1 1 07/11/2008
05:09:47 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Chicago - Street Repairs
Report your street here. Put the hundred, direction, and type of repair that is needed.
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Old Posts Chicago CAPS Program
Does CAPS work in your area? What are the pitfalls? Improvements that need to be made?
2 4 03/18/2009
05:16:22 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Forestry Department
Trim those trees. Report the trees that need trimming here. Include the complete address.
1 1 03/29/2009
03:28:06 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category County Information    
Old Posts A Vote for Stroger was a Vote for Tax Hikes
For those of you that voted for Stroger, you were not made aware that Cook County was in financial problems. The precinct captains failed to tell you that. Next time the precinct captain comes to your door, ask her or him what they got out of it by telling you to vote for this guy? A job? Job advancement? More job security? or...?
1 1 07/13/2008
7:17:38 PM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts County Level of Government
After the local level of government comes the county. Write about your county officials in this forum.
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Collapse This Category What a Shame...    
Old Posts Carothers and Corruption
We refer to this alderman whose first election was wroth in fraud, to be so named as Carothers and Corruption. Our exposures are many with this person and were well documented.

The Cook County States Attorney, Dick Devine, did nothing about all the fraud. He is being replaced by a new States Attorney.
2 4 05/29/2009
09:16:50 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Elections in Chicago    
Visit Be Aware or is it beware? Be Aware or is it beware?
View the violations right here.
Old Posts Candidates We Help
1 1 08/28/2014
05:04:57 AM
by: admin Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Chicago Board of Elections - Do Nothing Reports
If you would like to report how the Board of Elections ignores your reporting of violations to the law, then post the information in this forum.
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Old Posts Electronic Voting - Stealing elections made easy.
In this state it seems apparent that both the Chicago Board of Elections and the State of Illinois Board of Elections cares little about anything regarding your voter rights. Oh sure, on paper, they say they that they protect the voters rights but the reality is that they sit back and do absolutely nothing but placate each other in intellectual discourse designed to snowball each other.

Elections in this state are not fair and I don't care whether it's run by the Chicago Board of Elections (perhaps the biggest components to the fraud) or the State Board of Elections that is suppose to guarantee the so called "fair election."

Read about some of the corruption, fraud, and outright violations of State Law that the Board of Elections in Chicago allows to happen and then does nothing about.
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Collapse This Category State Information    
Old Posts Illinois State Board of Elections
If you are required to use the software from the State Board of Election which is wroth with bugs, then post your experiences here.
4 4 07/22/2008
05:08:12 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts State Level
Next in line is your state officials. This is divided into two parts: Senate and House Representatives.
3 6 11/13/2009
02:57:47 AM
by: Wayne Strnad Jump to Last Post
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