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Posted  Tuesday, June 11, 2013
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Honey And Cinnamon Cure Cancer....
Title : Honey And Cinnamon Cure Cancer....
Category :   Human Health  Subcategory:  Cancer Cure
Posted : Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Short Description Newly Discovered Cancer Cure
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Kelley Eidem

author, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer 

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Hi Wayne,

Hate to disappoint you (and me) but when it comes to
the sweetest cancer cure I'm not talking about a Reese's
Peanut Butter Cups three times a day. ;-)


But this possible cure sure could beat chemo, radiation,
surgery or hot peppers and garlic.

It's - wait for it - raw honey, cinnamon and warm water
(warm enough to melt the raw honey)!!

Right now we don't have a great story behind it like
we do with my pepper and garlic recipe.

But this looks like the real deal to me, especially
if combined with using the correct oil.

There's so much to say about this. Please, save
this newsletter and refer back to it because it might be
worth five or ten newsletters.

You might share this newsletter, too. Think
of the luv you'll get back for sharing the
"Sweet Cure For Cancer."

There is research that cinnamon by itself turns
off stomach, bone and leukemia cells. Raw honey
has anti-cancer properties, too.

Dr, Hyla Cass, who recovered from advanced cancer
herself, has written about cinnamon.
She describes two different ways cinnamon stops cancer.

Briefly, the cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties
from the polyphenol procyanidin A and something called 
MHCP. But there is more. The cinnamon also blocks
the cancer cells from multiplying. Pretty cool!

Don't worry about blood sugar because raw honey
and cinnamon STABILIZE blood sugar levels. The combination
actually greatly reduces sugar cravings.

Okay, now lets look at raw honey. Raw honey has
a special place in my heart ever since my former wife's
grandfather told me a story about something that
probably happened 80 or 90 years ago.

He'd gotten bitten by a poisonous spider when he was
a young man. It made him so sick all he could eat was
raw honey for two weeks.

He survived the spider bite. Which meant he could later
have a daughter, who also had a daughter, which meant
I could have a wife and a son.

One thing led to another. It was like the mustard seed
that can produce so much.

What does raw honey do? Cancer cells usually have some
sort of microbe that has triggered one of our cancer cells
to start growing.

When our natural defenses are low, the cancer cells continue
to multiply. Honey goes to the microbes where the microbes
try to feast on the honey. That's a big mistake for the microbes,
because the honey then kills the microbes because the honey
contains bioflavonoids which are antioxidants.

For some unknown reason, the cancer cells depend
on the microbes for their survival. This weakens
the cancer.

In addition, the honey pulls in the cinnamon compounds
right down the gullets of the cancer cells who also
love sugar. Booyyah! It's R.I.P. time for the cancer cells.

Isn't that SWEET! Yes, it's the "Sweet Cure For Cancer."

You might be asking yourself if cinnamon and honey
would work for your kind of cancer. If you've been subscribing
for any length of time, you know all true cancer cells are identical. 

Let's not forget that as a subscriber, you know about the
fantastic role oils play in getting rid of cancer, too. So if it were
me, I'd be sure to incorporate the correct oil for my situation
and monitor my urine pH to help guide me. 

If you are new to my newsletter, go to my hub page for a more
in depth explanation.

Thus, when we balance the metabolism with the right oil,
we can reverse any 'named' cancer with cinnamon and
raw honey. I'd stake my life on it.

That isn't an idle claim. If I had Stage 4 cancer again, I'd first
use non-irradiated cinnamon and raw honey first. Why?

'Cuz it is soooo easy. Here's a little secret. Well maybe its a big secret... 

I don't like habanero peppers or grated garlic. LOL! I ate them
because those things work. They still work, so if you're doing that,
go for it!! Absolutely go for it! I mean - 14 years ago, it got temporarily
got rid of my lesions in 4-5 days and permanently in two weeks. 

Which recipe is better, you might ask. I don't know. But isn't it
wonderful to have two great options!

Avoid the spice aisle for my cinnamon because there is a good
chance that cinnamon has been zapped. Call the supplier of
whichever product you decide upon to make sure their cinnamon
is not irradiated. (What a crazy world we live in that we need
to check out stuff like that, but we do.)

Another great advantage to the cinnamon and honey in warm
water is that a person who can't eat can still drink it. I might
even have it added to my feeding tube starting with a small amount
of cinnamon just to make sure it was okay for me.

Now let's cut to the chase: how much would someone want
to use each day if they had cancer? 

What I've seen recommended is one tablespoon of raw honey
and a teaspoon of cinnamon three times a day in water warm
enough to dissolve the raw honey. I would't use really hot water.

There are different types of cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon has
the advantage of not causing irritation of the digestive tract
when used over and over again.

Ceylon cinnamon is also the type of cinnamon that was used
in various studies. The other types of cinnamon would probably
work, too.

If you like this info, please share it. What's not to love about
the "Sweet Cure For Cancer!"

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem, author, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer 


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