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Posted  Saturday, November 23, 2013
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Tell EPA: Fumigants are too hazardous
Title : Tell EPA: Fumigants are too hazardous
Category :   Human Health  Subcategory:  Fumigants
Posted : Saturday, November 23, 2013
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Join the call for fumigant-free fields by 2020

Speak up for safe food.

Fumigant-free fields!

EPA is taking another look at fumigant pesticides. Help make sure they put better protections in place and commit to a transition plan.

Take Action

Dear Wayne,

Last year, thanks to incredible public outcry, cancer-causing methyl iodide was taken off the market. But other fumigant pesticides are still in wide use, and these are among the most toxic and difficult-to-control agricultural chemicals.

Recognizing their hazardous nature, EPA decided to review their rules for drift-prone fumigants — years earlier than the normal review cycle. Speak up now, before the comment period closes on Monday!

EPA needs to hear from you » Join us in urging EPA to help farmers transition away from fumigants by 2020. And in the meantime, to put better protections in place! There are only a few days left to get this message across.

Soil fumigants are applied as gases at rates of up to 400 pounds per acre — making this class of pesticides nearly impossible to control. Even under the best of circumstances, they drift into neighboring communities — often landing where children live, learn and play.

EPA is currently underestimating the health risks fumigants pose. The agency’s "levels of concern" for on-the-job and residential exposure are decidedly low, based on the findings of a recent EPA expert review panel.

Buffer zones around fields are also inadequate, and the agency has overlooked important health impact evidence. For instance California state scientists found the fumigant chloropicrin — a serious respiratory irritant — to also be a "potent carcinogen." But to date, EPA has taken no action on this finding.

Time for a new plan » Fumigants like chloropicrin are widely used across the country, particularly in California strawberry fields, on citrus in Florida and in Midwest potato fields. And the people working in those fields and orchards — or living nearby — continue to be exposed to harmful fumigant drift.

Help make sure EPA knows this is unacceptable. We need a clear plan to support farmers to transition away from fumigants by 2020. And in the mean time, communities need better protections in place.

Thanks for speaking up!


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