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Posted  Monday, September 09, 2013
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Tongass National Forest Birthday
Title : Tongass National Forest Birthday
Category :   Environment  Subcategory:  Natural Resources
Posted : Monday, September 09, 2013
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Dear Wayne,

Stop the Forest Service Old-Growth Chopping Spree on the Tongass' Birthday!

The U.S. Forest Service has decided to spend more than $20 million in taxpayer dollars to fund massive clear-cuts to our Tongass old-growth forest. Today is the Tongass’ 106th birthday. Wish it a “happy birthday” by urging Congress to demand the Forest Service manage our nation’s largest national forest sustainably.

Sign the petition!

Today is our Tongass National Forests’ birthday. Sadly, the timber industry is the one getting the giant gift.

As you read this, they are preparing to clear-cut what equates to 4,600 football fields worth of ancient Tongass forest in a matter of weeks at a cost of $20 million to American taxpayers.

We need help from Congress and from you to stop the U.S. Forest Service, the caretakers of the Tongass, from moving forward with this terrible old-growth chopping spree. As a gift to the Tongass, will you send a message to your representative?

I’m about to reach out to Rep. Gutierrez to urge him to send a letter to the Forest Service protesting this waste of taxpayer money and senseless forest destruction. Rep. Gutierrez is a key voice in sending a strong message to the Forest Service, and he listens to you.

Please give the Tongass a birthday gift: send a note to help show Rep. Gutierrez support for the Tongass on its birthday.

Hopefully with your help we can save the Tongass’ old-growth trees AND millions of taxpayer dollars this year.

Thanks again for helping to give the Tongass a special birthday.

Andi Burgess
Rainforest Program Director 

P.S. While the Forest Service claims to be moving away from old-growth logging, this gift to the timber industry will destroy healthy watersheds and critical Tongass ecosystems just to protect 107 timber jobs. Meanwhile, the region’s booming tourism and fishing industries that rely on an intact Tongass support more than 17,000 jobs and generate nearly $2 billion annually. What’s more, biologists also predict that this massive clear-cut will destroy important habitat for the Alexander Archipelago wolf, bringing it even closer to the brink of extinction. Please help by sending a message today. 


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