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Posted  Friday, October 04, 2013
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Republicans Shut Down Government
Title : Republicans Shut Down Government
Category :   Politics  Subcategory:  Wilderness
Posted : Friday, October 04, 2013
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Sierra Club - Explore, enjoy and protect the planet

Dear Wayne,

Tell Congress to fund the 
government and open our
national parks and monuments! 

Take Action!

Take Action!

Thanks to Republicans in the House of Representatives, America's national parks and monuments are closed today -- disappointing as many as 750,000 visitors.

When the clock struck midnight last night the federal government officially ran out of money. House Republicans refused to pass routine legislation to fund the government without including toxic political riders. As a result, they failed to fulfill the most basic aspect of their job: keeping the government open.

So today, on Yosemite National Park's 123rd birthday, America's parks and monuments are closed and hundreds of thousands of excited visitors are out of luck.

Tell your member of Congress: enough already! Urge them to fully fund the government and open our parks and public lands for all Americans to enjoy.

Not only is every national park, monument, and forest closed but the communities that surround them are bracing for the impact. Every day that visitors can't experience national parks, nearby communities lose out on the tourism dollars they depend on. 

The National Parks Conservation Association estimates that communities around our parks could lose business adding up to about $30 million for every day of the shutdown. 

Those are real people losing real money because of a Washington political crisis that didn't need to happen. Rather than make the American people pay the cost, House Republicans and Speaker John Boehner need to stop the political posturing and get back to work, open up the federal government, and open our public lands and parks for Americans to enjoy.

Show Congress that we won't stand by while they use our communities' livelihoods to play political games. 

Urge your member of Congress to fully fund the government without toxic add-ons and open our parks and public lands back up!

Thanks for all you do to protect our environment and public lands!


Dan Chu
Director, Our Wild America Campaign
Sierra Club

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