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Posted  Saturday, June 22, 2013
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Keep Fat-Digesting Organs Working
Title : Keep Fat-Digesting Organs Working
Category :   Human Health  Subcategory:  Liver and Gallbladder
Posted : Saturday, June 22, 2013
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Keeping Your Fat-Digesting Organs Working




I remember back when I was about 7 years old, my grandmother went
into the hospital with what was then to me a very mysterious condition...


As a result she had an equally mysterious organ called her gallbladder taken out and following that, she said she couldn't eat butter, oil or anything with fat anymore.

So instead she cooked with margarine (called "oleo" back then, but it was still loaded with trans-fats) and used it on her toast and vegetables.

Of course, as a child I didn't think much of this, but now I cringe because I understand exactly what was going on...and how it could have all been prevented.

Here's why I say that -- let's start by taking a closer look at that little pear-shaped organ inside of you and its teammate the liver:

The gallbladder + liver = A winning team

The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ that lies just below your umbrella-shaped liver, and together they form an important team.

Bile is secreted throughout the day by your liver to the tune of about a quart every day.

If you've just had a meal, the bile will flow directly into the small intestine and begin emulsifying the fat, cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins in your food--in other words, breaking the fat blobs into smaller globules so your pancreatic lipases (fat enzymes) can finish the job.

If you're between meals and the bile isn't needed for digestion at the moment, it gets stored in the gallbladder.

While the gallbladder is holding the bile, it absorbs excess water out of it, making it more concentrated and stronger.

Then when you eat fat again, this signals the gallbladder to contract and release the stored bile into your small intestine.

Once the bile has done its job, it gets absorbed through the intestinal wall and sent back to your liver to be recycled.

So clearly, proper digestion of fats largely depends on how well your liver and gallbladder are working and "playing together."

That's why people like my grandmother who have had gallbladder surgery are told to have a low fat diet. They're lacking the gallbladder's bile concentration efforts, so their ability to break down fats may be compromised as a result.

They're also more likely to be deficient in fatty acids and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

When the winning team starts losing

As long as your liver and gallbladder are both "in the game," your body can digest fats like it's supposed to.

But when one of the "players" goes down, then you run into trouble.

The most common form of fat digesting "trouble" is when your gallbladder gets overcome by stones--gallstones.

Currently one in five Americans over the age of 65 has gallstones, and half a million cholecystectomies (gallbladder removals) are performed each year.

But gallstones don't come out of nowhere, my friend. Instead they're CREATED--by you.

You see, gallstones are most commonly the result of excess cholesterol in your bile and/or toxin buildup, which can be caused or worsened by a stressed liver, eating too many unhealthy fats (especially trans-fats) and acid waste buildup from poor digestion.

So in other words, gallstones are simply a result of things going awry in your body and an unhealthy diet, and taking out your gallbladder doesn't change one iota of that.

As a matter of fact, it makes things even WORSE--not better!

Here's what I mean:

Life after your gallbladder

Once your gallbladder goes to gallbladder heaven, it's naturally much harder for your body to digest fats. This can cause excessive burping and lots of gas and bloating when fats are eaten.

And if you're still eating in a way that leads to poor digestion and toxin buildup, the wrath of your diet will continue on in other ways now that your gallbladder is gone.

Here are just some of the possibilities of the conditions you could be looking at:

1. High blood cholesterol
2. Arthritis
3. Osteoporosis
4. Heart disease
5. High blood pressure (hypertension)
6. Cancer
7. Diabetes
8. Diverticulitis
9. Colitis
10. IBS

...and many more.

The liver can be a culprit too

Another fat digestion problem can stem from poor liver function.

As a matter of fact, many gallbladder issues are not true gallbladder problems at all, but are indicators of inadequate liver function--specifically poor bile output.

Here are the common signs of low bile output:

- Constipation
- Small, hard, difficult to pass stools
- Gray, shiny, soft stools
- Pain in the right side under the rib cage
- Voluminous flatulence (gas)
- Roughage (fiber) causes constipation
- Dry, flaky skin and/or dry, brittle hair
- Indigestion (especially burping, belching and heartburn) 1-2 hours after eating

Like the gallbladder, your liver is also greatly harmed by a poor diet.

Since it's your main organ of detox, when there are a lot of acid wastes, toxins and trans-fats sailing through your bloodstream, your liver has to work in OVERDRIVE to try to filter them all out.

Eventually it may not be able to keep up. Then toxins can build up in the bloodstream, inflammation can form in your cells, tissues and organs, and you can be looking at a number of chronic diseases as a result...including cancer.

Your ticket to great liver & gallbladder health

Fortunately, there is SO much you can do to keep your winning team of the gallbladder and liver playing strong for years to come.

Here are some great measures for you to try:

1- Food for a healthier gallbladder & liver

This is definitely step 1. NOTHING can undo the effects of a poor diet.

The Great Taste No Pain manuals will show you how to eat for better health in ALL of your organs--including your gallbladder and liver.

The Great Taste No Pain manuals guide you on how to structure delicious, good-for-you meals that are easily digested and help minimize acid waste and toxin buildup.

The Great Taste No Pain system stresses REAL foods -- not processed food -- so you'll naturally be avoiding sources of gallstone-forming trans-fats.

Plus there are charts that list which foods are acid forming and which are alkaline. Eating a good balance of alkaline vs. acid foods helps encourage a more alkaline pH, which helps create the perfect environment for ALL your organs to work better, including your gallbladder and its teammate, the liver.

Note: If you have a gluten sensitivity or Celiac, Great Taste No Gluten is for you instead.

2- Exercise

Yup--here it is again. I know I sound like a broken record, but here's yet another great reason to engage in regular exercise.

Studies show that as many as 34% of cases of symptomatic gallstone disease in men could be prevented by increasing exercise to 30 minutes, five times per week.

Get moving, guys (and gals).

3- Vitamin C and Milk thistle

Vitamin C has been shown to prevent formation of gallstones because it's required for the conversion of cholesterol to bile salts (so it can help prevent excess cholesterol in your bile that can lead to a stone).

Milk thistle (silymarin) has been used since the 15th century for liver and gallbladder health. It helps detoxify the liver, stimulates the flow of bile and helps tone the liver, gallbladder and spleen.

As far as dosages go, most experts recommend 1-3 grams per day of Vitamin C, and 350-525 mg. of milk thistle with meals.

4- Enzymes

Taking a digestive enzyme formula that includes lipases (fat enzymes) can be very useful in preventing the need for gallbladder surgery, or helpful if you've already had surgery (and are having trouble digesting fats as a result).

Plus if you've had a history of a not-so-great diet, chances are excellent that you've expended WAY more enzymes to digest your foods than Nature intended, and could be running low in ALL kinds of enzymes at this point.

In addition to eating easily digestible meals like I mentioned above, you can give your body the help it desperately needs to thoroughly digest fats (and all your foods) with Digestizol Max.

Digestizol Max contains an effective blend of natural, plant-derived lipase enzymes that help your body effectively break down fats just like Nature intended.

That means no more embarrassing belching and gas, and the ability to enjoy good fats without being in agony afterward.

Plus, Digestizol Max contains enzymes to help break down ALL the other foods you eat too, which can be extremely helpful, especially to people who have had a poor diet and/or have taken acid reducers for a long time.

Your liver and gallbladder are truly your body's winning team for efficient digestion and a strong detox system.

Treat yours like the winners they are and they will return the favor with good digestion and disease prevention for years to come!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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PPS: Losing her gallbladder was just the beginning of Beatriz's problems--but she's feeling great now

Hi Sherry,

My life has taken a 360 degree turn and as for me there is no going back. As I was reading your book Great Taste No Pain, I felt that was me with all the visits to the emergency room, stomach pain, heartburn, bloating, gas, etc.

I remember as young as 14 years old having stomach discomfort. At 20 a visit to the emergency room with a stomach of a 6 month pregnant woman and unbearable pain was the very start of my long relationship with doctors, especially gastroenterologists.

At 40, after being diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, I had exploratory surgery where my gallbladder was removed. Oh what a relief, or NOT.

At the beginning I felt relief of the constant pressure and pain in my stomach. Well, not even a week had passed by when I started with NEW symptoms--diarrhea every time I had cheese. This time the diagnosis was lactose intolerance after once again another visit to the emergency room.

I started taking pills for that but since I have never been able to get rid of heartburn, then I was put on Omeprazole. I was taking omeprazole and lactaid for a few years but a few months ago nothing seems to work.

I had terrible gas that was stuck in my chest and even drinking just water would upset my stomach and create a lot of bloating and painful gas.

A friend of mine introduced me to your Great Taste No Pain program. I started on it 4 weeks ago. The test drive brought immediate relief by the end of the first day. I am totally pain free and no heartburn. I have not taken a single pill in 4 weeks (no more medications).

I recently started your Super Shield probiotics and I am feeling the best I have ever felt. I sleep better and have more energy. I am very grateful to you for my life has changed for the best.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that although I have never been overweight, I was on the heavy side for my recommended weight according to my height and I have Iost 10 pounds.



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