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Posted  Sunday, June 16, 2013
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Food Labels
Title : Food Labels
Category :   Human Health  Subcategory:  Food
Posted : Sunday, June 16, 2013
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Pesticide Action Network Updates

Momentum is building. Pledge your support!

Label GE food

Momentum to label GE food is
building. Pledge your support & get involved today!

We have a right to know.

Take Action

Dear Wayne,

Did you hear? Connecticut just became the first state to pass a GE labeling law. And Maine just became the second. There's strong support for a ballot initiative coming up in Washington state this fall, and a federal GE labeling bill is being considered in Congress.

People across the country are working hard for the right to know what's in our food. But with deep-pocketed corporations like Monsanto focused on blocking each and every GE labeling initiative, it's time for more of us to take a stand. Are you in?

Together, we can win» Polls show that more than 90% of Americans favor GE labeling. Sign the pledge to show policymakers that you're willing to roll up your sleeves for labeling — we'll let them know. And we'll keep you posted as opportunities to take a stand arise in your state and beyond!

Last fall the "Big 6" pesticide and GE seed corporations spent $21 million to defeat Prop 37, the labeling initiative in California. And they've already spent more than $470,000 to block Washington state's ballot initiative (I-522), with more cash infusions expected before November's vote.

Why do Monsanto & Co. oppose labeling GE food? Because they fear losing market share if consumers knew just how much of our food — up to 80% of non-organic products on grocery store shelves — contains GE ingredients.

While we still don't know the long-term effects of eating GE food (industry has suppressed science that could answer this question), we do know that GE crops drive up the use of health-harming pesticides — pesticides produced by the very same corporations that patent GE seeds. Between 1996 and 2011, these crops were responsible for a 527 million pound increase in herbicide use.

Sign the pledge» Join the millions across the country fighting for the simple right to know what we're eating. Monsanto & Co. want to keep us in the dark to protect the markets GE crops create for their products. But working together, we can win this important battle. Sign the pledge and take a stand!

Thank you for adding your voice to the swell.


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